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  1. Assuming you did not graduate from a Manitoba high school, I'm pretty sure it can be any 2 consecutive years. In the bulletin it states "Applicants who have not completed High School in Manitoba or 2 years or more of study at a university in Manitoba should submit a scanned copy of their MB health card showing Manitoba residency of a least two years at time of application to Medicine." http://umanitoba.ca/student/admissions/media/medicine_bulletin.pdf
  2. I went to U of W and loved it - my first year classes were large (not as big as U of Ms) and as the years went on, the classes were smaller and my cohort in my major became very close. This also greatly helped me in getting to know some of the profs, one of who became my honours thesis advisor! I think half the people I was close with ended up getting into med too all over Canada. I'd say I've known equal amount of U of W and U of M graduates to get into med school if thats part of your concern.
  3. Based on their newest update as of yesterday (see time stamp at bottom), it sounds like they’re planning to do as much as possible virtually and for students to appropriately prepare for that. Congrats on getting in! (Under “COVID-19 Updates” on the U of M medicine page)
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