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  1. The main reason I looked into Queens was because of location. I've been to Kingston before and I really liked the atmosphere and it's not too big or too small. I've also heard they have a more hands on approach and a good sense of community within the program. I don't know much about mcmaster so I can't really compare the two programs. I think wherever you decide to go you'll get a great education!
  2. Accepted (all PT): Queens, UofT, and Dal cGPA: 3.65, sGPA: 3.96 I have worked as a PTA for almost a year and also have worked as a research assistant. I have also volunteered with various sports teams over the past 3 years. My reference letters were from one of my profs who I knew quite well and from my current boss who is a physiotherapist.I took the casper last year and felt much more confident about it this year. Was unsure about the CAP but I guess it went okay! Originally Dal was my top school as it's close to home but with everything going on I will most likely ac
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