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  1. No, everyone has different times so the system won't crash. Some people might have it at 9am, while others maybe 2pm.
  2. Sadly, I can't really comment about the interview but what I can comment on is, just get familiar with talking to a camera. And WHAT there is a WRITTEN section!?!? We never had a written section last year.
  3. uh honestly, theres really no secret to it. Its just practice. Might sound stupid, but since your interview is pre-recorded, why not practice vlogging yourself for the next month to get used to talking to a camera.
  4. Best of luck to everyone on the interviews. What Im curious is did anyone with a combined core + last 30 credits of 75% or less get an interview. So an application average of 75 or less.
  5. From my personal experience that is FALSE. I applied with <75% and didn't receive an interview invite (few years ago). 76 and above is a good number to hit. For absolute guaranteed, go for the flat 80. If u get an interview with 75% consider yourself lucky :). But 74, im afraid that isn't high enough tbh. Unless you are from an underrepresented area then yes u will get one.
  6. I need more info than a mid 70. If you are 76% and above, you have a fair chance. If you are 75% and below, you probably won't have a shot. I would say if you have ~78% combined average of core + last 30, you can expect an interview (for BC resident). But this is based on past history. Sounds bout right. I remember Carol (the admission officer from a few years back) was like theres 2 seats for every 3 students who make it to the interview stage. I am very shocked that theres 700-1000 applicants tbh :O (but I would think theres around 700 ish - just a guess)
  7. I love answering this question because I want to give people "hope". Core = Between 66-69 Last 30 credits = Between 86-89 First term is okay, second term right now is brutal.
  8. Noo. What im asking you is, how do you know there are 700-1000 applicants? I dont know when invites come out. Im part of the class of 2024. Im just here lurking haha
  9. My guess is, cuz of COVID and possibly hard to find jobs? Healthcare is kinda stable but pharm is kinda oversaturated :/
  10. Where did you get this information from? I figured pharm would be less and less competitive every year. When I applied last year I thought most people got in? I didnt really see anyone get rejected. Whereas in previous years thread, there were ppl saying they got rejected. :O If you are a BC resident, I wouldn't worry too much tbh.
  11. No man.. Trust me... I experienced both, and I def liked the pre-recorded ones more. Gotta love that first year fb group chat ;). Those memes sometimes, really put a smile to your face when u have a rough day tho tbh.
  12. Nursing hands down but the job is tough and its not for everyone.
  13. London Drugs starts at $39/hr and if you are a manager for LD u make $100k/year (family friend)
  14. Does it make you happier if re-word it saying physio is also crazy competitive but less competitive than med god fking damn it. No matter what, professional schools in Canada are competitive. Physio GPA standards are NOT lower. IN physio you still need strong EC's. However, you do NOT need the MCAT I give you that. Physio also has MMI (for UBC at least).
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