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  1. Yes, but I would have expected the number to be much higher than that if they used a projected income for a psychiatrist
  2. After conversion the people you two posters are referring to were in $800,000CAD debt after dental school... what... wow
  3. so is it 1.2- 2 million after overhead or the 3-5 million you said is already after the 60% overhead??
  4. do you mean LASIK? I thought the few guys doing LASIK are experienced opthos and it is saturated? And is this before the 60% overhead?
  5. OOP median accepted GPA to UofA is 3.96 and 3.93 for UofC...
  6. your GPA is too low for UBC despite IP -average accepted aGPA is ~90% and I don't know what your aGPA is in % but I would guess <80%. Calculate it. You do not have 2 full-time years with 3.7+ for Western. Your 3.3 cGPA is too low for Mac. That leaves Queen's and Dal. For Queen's I think you are good GPA wise but it would depend on how high of an MCAT score you can get. After that, how they score your EC's is what would make or break the app to get an interview. And I'm not familiar with Dal but it is very competitive for OOP.
  7. 1. Derm is the hardest speciality to match into. People want it from day 1 and don't match. And if someone is lucky enough to match derm, you better not be location restricted since getting a spot in general is very tough, and you will likely not get it where you want it. Not everyone is ok moving across the country. 2. Derm residency is not easy. You spend a huge amount of time outside of work hours studying various amounts of info compared to other specialities. The first year is mostly IM as well. There is a steep learning curve is derm is barely touched on in medical school. Also, th
  8. regardless of your side interests you should rule out surgical and the brutal IM sub-fields if you don't want to train forever and not have a job at the end
  9. sorry I was trying to be smart lol...I have no idea
  10. oh maybe I'm wrong I thought it was higher in the 80's and 90's and dropped off since. You could be completely correct. I just know that now it's not as high as it once was - don't know if that was 80's/90's/00's or whatever
  11. I feel like being in your 20's in the 1980's was GOAT. Getting into medical school was easier, everything was so cheap (even inflation adjusted), physician income in the 80's and 90's was higher than it is now as well as respect/status of the profession, you didn't have to worry about all the saturation in so many specialities, social media didn't destroy the world, finding a spouse was easier...then in 90's you were in your 30's and still got to enjoy all of the cool things that brought with it while still being somewhat youthful and earning amazing income if we are using a physician as an ex
  12. what do you guys predict will happen 5 years from now? It sucks still being a trainee and not having a skin in the game and see prices continue to rise when you can't buy anything until all of your training is done...
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