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  1. No worries. I have heard of people who did their first BSc in a Biological Sciences field and then were able to do a second undergrad in a related field in another field in 2 years due to covering pre-reqs in their first degree (ie 1st degree was Biochem, 2nd degree was microbiology etc). I am not sure if it would be possible to do a second undergrad in 2 years if you don't have a first degree in a related field. You can probably finish in less than 4 years (probably 3 years) but I don't know if it can be done in 2 years. Also, as far as I know the 2 year set after-degree programs are fo
  2. There are two year second undergrads in education (BEd), nursing (BScN), etc specifically called "after degrees" which were made for degree holders and scheduled to be done in 2 years.
  3. are you sure this is the case? Community radiologists can make literally 3x as much as academic radiologists so not really much incentive to do academics here
  4. I'll give you free quick advice here: you will be easily able to pay of any debt (even two to three hundreds of thousands worth if you get there) very easily as a doctor in Canada.
  5. save yourself the headaches, several years of income/opportunity cost loss and a worse job market and stick out with FM - get in get out in 2 years, get a job anywhere anytime and live your life. You can do even find a niche in pain med in FM if that is what you really want
  6. That explains it, you could have just said by the virtue of skipping a grade in elementary school and having a late birthday you finished residency at 28 and not 30. Either way, now I am finally at peace lol
  7. 1. no chance with that GPA 2. doing a PhD will not do anything for your app. The primary factor (undergrad GPA) is too low. 3. You need to do this if you want to have a shot.
  8. You finished your UG at 21...turning 22 in that calendar year, will finish MD at 24, turning 25 that year, residency at 29 turning 30. This does not include possible fellowships/graduate degrees after either. I don’t know why this has got so derailed lol it really doesn’t matter I was just curious how the numbers added up.. I guess some people don’t consider the age they are turning that calendar year
  9. I'm aware, I just looked up his past post which shows he got into UofC (3 years) after his 4th year UG in AB...then he did a 5 year residency, then 1 year fellowship = 4 + 3 + 5 + 1 = 13 years after high school = 31 years old not "28"
  10. so you finished your 4 year undergrad in 2 years?
  11. If you got into UofC at the earliest possible age after third year UG (21) finished at 24, did a 5 year residency and then one year fellowship like you said you would be done at 30 at the very earliest, not 28? your old posts show you got in after 4th year UG (22), then finished at 25, and after 5 year residency and fellowship you would be 31, not 28
  12. only in Canada where no one thinks its ridiculous to do TEN (10!) years of university undergrad to have a potential shot at applying to medical school??
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