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  1. which school(s) did you interview at? did you apply again this cycle? The vast majority of pharmacy grads will end up working at large retail chains, very few ending up in a hospital. I don't know much about nursing. It is possible to improve your interview performance and get accepted eventually. There are many things you can do/practice to improve your performance. On this forum there have been people who got 5th percentile interview scores intially or for a couple cycles straight but turn that into an acceptance 1-2 years later with enough perseverance and practice.
  2. much better. You can match to residency easily in the US then come back to Canada for most things. For Ireland, you aren't able to match to Ireland as a non-EU citzen until all spots are first filled by EU citzens.
  3. I would think a 30+ year old premed with a PhD+post-doc would have more self-awareness....btw you are only making it worse when you say a 128 (90th percentile) is "nothing to brag about" when OP posted that they are distressed about getting a 123 (or lower)... it's like someone in grade school getting a C+ and getting upset, and then someone tries to "cheer them up" by saying it's ok I got an A-...and when called out says but I only got an A- , it's nothing to brag about, how could I be bragging!
  4. ^ this, I provided OP a succinct answer already... glad it wasn't just me that thought it was off that some guy comes in and brags about his MCAT score in the post...
  5. ok that makes sense, and you're right...it comes down to personal circumstance, risk tolerance, goals etc.
  6. IMG match rate in Canada is around 25% I believe (compared to 97% for CMGs), so while everyone you know is in that 25%, the vast majority of IMG's dont match (and several that matched took more than one attempt to do so). Also, as OP mentioned it is even harder to get a residency position in Ireland as Canadian due to how Ireland gives first choice to EU citzens. Also, it's not just if you want derm or plastics. You can add Optho, neurosurgery as some others (with 0 spots across Canada for IMG's) and many of the specalities you mentioned have literally 1-5 spots for IMGs across Canada.
  7. You got into medical school over 5 years ago..things have changed since due to more apps, rampant (online) grade inflation which explains OP's worry about GPA. You can even check the median admitted GPA's over the last 5 years change. Anecdotal sucess stories of your small sample size aren't a good endorsement for going abroad especially now that Step is P/F and thousands of data points exist for CaRMS show otherwise. Yes, going to the US is way safer but not everyone has $400,000 - $500,000 lying around or the cosigners needed / comfort taking this loan. 3. is a good point that I a
  8. That changes things... from your post you made it seem like you liked being in this degree/future job offer so that's why I was so quick to say why drop those opportunities to protect your GPA. Also, I was not aware the GPA drop would be that much. If you are happy pursuing those other programs then sure drop out now, see if you get an interview/acceptance this year to med and if not, start those other programs if you are happy with any of them.
  9. Staying in your grad program and keeping that job offer is a 100% no brainer. What if you drop out, lose that job offer AND don't get an interview/don't get accepted again? Getting into medical school is a big lottery and a lot of it is dependent on chance/luck more than some who luckily got in first try like to beleive. Your marks may suffer but it does not mean you can't still reapply to medical school if your GPA drops. Having a grad degree, and real job experience can counteract the determintal impacts of a dropped GPA at UofA/UofC as they are heavy on the non-academics so even if your GPA
  10. Anecdotal but I have heard of multiple cases of plastics/optho people who tried to match for two straight years and/or take research years/choose to go unmatched if they don't get plastics/optho to try again but I have NEVER heard of this happening for derm hopefulls...any reason why (as derm is the same level competitveinss at the top with plastics/optho) or it does happen I just never heard of it lol
  11. what benefit does a program have with filling all spots - sorry might be a dumb question. And how do PDs/admin/precptors know that these people wanted plastics hard but couldn't get it - do they tell their program/make it known to their colleagues?
  12. yea you are completly correct in that it is the most common back up field (but not that most people who matched to it had it as their backup). Two very different things lol and wow do you mean they applied to plastics for 2 years and didn't get it so they landed in FM? That's brutal...do they like FM enough to stay or are there other avenues for them?
  13. We just showed you data that is not the case. The majority of CMG's in FM (close to 4/5th that matched FM) had it as their first choice. I said that many people who apply to 2+ fields have FM as a backup in case they don't get what they want and ideally FM is something that they would still be happy to do. Backing up with FM (despite not liking it) and matching it does not lead to a happy outcome.
  14. The numbers aren't too surprising to me as so many people back up with FM and obvs not everyone can get their first choice speciality. But I dont think one should back up with FM if they can't imagine matching to it.
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