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  1. 1. it's not "in 3 years time".. they still have to apply to law school (0.5 years from today is when a cycle would open, 1 year for the cycle to finish, 3 years of law school, 1 year of articling) = 5.5 years from now at the minumum to be a fully-fledged lawyer. 2. Even if you go into a top school, the majority of graduates do not enter big law, let alone wall street big law.
  2. no, only 50-60% match rate into Canada for USMD grads, compared to 97% for CMG
  3. Yes, but what I find fascinting/sad is that almost no one ever talks about landing in their second choice FRCPC as settling, but it's the norm to crap talk FM/throw around the word settling if it was one's second choice field they got on this site anyway
  4. this...there are no grades/class rank/standardized exams for residency/etc in Canada and matching into "ultra competitve fields" has everything to do with the connections you build up, networking, reference letters, showing interest, research, and luck. None of these things are about how "smart" someone is and could ironically be gamed by someone who is not academically strong but but willing to hustle in these other areas. It's such a shame that people make posts like this in the OP as it is a disrespect to the literal hundreds and hundreds of people like go into FM by choice, many of whom on
  5. You really need to be careful for how you word things...there are medical school gold medalists, valedictorians, MD/PhD's, etc that "end up in FM" every year at every school out of their own accord.
  6. Some ortho fellowships are 2 years. Plus, I said "at least." There are many new grads doing either 3 fellowships or more commonly 2 fellowships and a MSc/PhD and as you can see that easily puts you in the 8-10 year mark. And you have to also be ok with the job prospects (are you ok with part-time locums anywhere in the country after this extensive training length?). I do not know much about how ortho training translates over to the US so someone can correct me here but I think Canadians can only qualify for certain jobs in the US due to their Visa status? If you want the cool robotic sur
  7. Ortho is 8-10 years after medical school which consists of residency + at least 2 fellowships +/- a graduate degree and then running around praying for a part-time locum position literally anywhere as it has the worst job prospects in all of medicine. The other fields you listed like Vascular, NSx, and CSx are also an 8-10 year commitment (with added pressure to get a PhD along the way) with not much better job prospects. Urology has better job prospects than these 4 fields as you can do outpatient clinical work if you aren't getting enough OR time (a job). They also do cool robotic surg
  8. how do you not get an interview as IP with 89% and 50-75 NAQ?
  9. Do a second undergrad, but do it in something with employment prospects. Jumping from one non-employable degree to another is a dangerous move.
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