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  1. yes you don't need to finish the second UG but I highly suggest not doing psych/kin as a second UG. Your second UG should lead to an alternative career....to put it bluntly what if you don't get in after the second UG? Now you have 2 degrees, not 1, that won't lead to a good alternative career. Then you would need to do a third degree...Consider things like education, nursing, comp sci, nutrition, which can be done in 2 years.
  2. top 5 or 10% is very different than top 1% so it's not a fair statement to make. Secondly, in many major cities where people want to be at no 225K is not the norm after 1-2 years.
  3. this is not true. https://www.thekickassentrepreneur.com/top-one-percent-of-wealth-for-canadians/#:~:text=From an income perspective%2C to,the top 1% in Canada. Top 1% income in Canada is 225,000 (and closer to 350,000+ in specific big cities). So, no " a newly graduating dentist, you will almost definitely be in the top 1% of earners in Canada" is far from the truth.
  4. I love it when premeds tell medical students/residents what medical school is like
  5. Your GPA is too low regardless of MCAT. Your GPA is your cGPA for the US not a "senior 2 year GPA". Canadians need to have more competitive stats than Americans to have a shot as you are competing for a select few seats. Even if you were an American that 3.6 is way too low for those schools, you would need cGPA 3.80+ as an American and cGPA 3.90+ as Canadian to have a shot at your schools mentioned. 3.6 is more DO-level GPA wise for a Canadian applicant.
  6. you applied to some of the best medical schools in the US as an international with a 3.6 GPA..
  7. Your GPA is below average, and MCAT is average. So I would aim for an above average Casper, at least 60th percentile+ but ideally 80th percentile+
  8. It makes sense because the 40% US acceptance rate already includes the applicants with <3.0, <500 so the actual acceptance rate for someone with even half-decent stats is significantly higher. In Canada the acceptance rate is actually worse than it looks since the applicant pool is much stronger and already less people get in...so the acceptance rate is harder since you have better applicants and less people getting in overall as well.
  9. The average US applicant is way way less competitive than the average Canadian applicant. Furthermore, you have a not in-significant number of American applicants who send in apps with literal <3.0, <500 stats which almost never happens here for obvious reasons so looking at admission rates per capita is meaningless without also considering important variables like the applicant pool.
  10. Stats aside, it's the general sentiment of disrespect that's frustrating.
  11. people really need to watch what they say, the disrespect is real. Crazy thought to you but the vast majority (75-80%) of the hundreds of applicants to FM or IM have it as their 1st choice..
  12. well it's still a surgical residency after all, and besides there are several off-service rotations in other disciplines and other surgical fields throughout and then there is the FRCPC year/exam
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