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  1. yes you don't need to finish the second UG but I highly suggest not doing psych/kin as a second UG. Your second UG should lead to an alternative career....to put it bluntly what if you don't get in after the second UG? Now you have 2 degrees, not 1, that won't lead to a good alternative career. Then you would need to do a third degree...Consider things like education, nursing, comp sci, nutrition, which can be done in 2 years.
  2. top 5 or 10% is very different than top 1% so it's not a fair statement to make. Secondly, in many major cities where people want to be at no 225K is not the norm after 1-2 years.
  3. this is not true. https://www.thekickassentrepreneur.com/top-one-percent-of-wealth-for-canadians/#:~:text=From an income perspective%2C to,the top 1% in Canada. Top 1% income in Canada is 225,000 (and closer to 350,000+ in specific big cities). So, no " a newly graduating dentist, you will almost definitely be in the top 1% of earners in Canada" is far from the truth.
  4. I love it when premeds tell medical students/residents what medical school is like
  5. Your GPA is too low regardless of MCAT. Your GPA is your cGPA for the US not a "senior 2 year GPA". Canadians need to have more competitive stats than Americans to have a shot as you are competing for a select few seats. Even if you were an American that 3.6 is way too low for those schools, you would need cGPA 3.80+ as an American and cGPA 3.90+ as Canadian to have a shot at your schools mentioned. 3.6 is more DO-level GPA wise for a Canadian applicant.
  6. you applied to some of the best medical schools in the US as an international with a 3.6 GPA..
  7. Your GPA is below average, and MCAT is average. So I would aim for an above average Casper, at least 60th percentile+ but ideally 80th percentile+
  8. It makes sense because the 40% US acceptance rate already includes the applicants with <3.0, <500 so the actual acceptance rate for someone with even half-decent stats is significantly higher. In Canada the acceptance rate is actually worse than it looks since the applicant pool is much stronger and already less people get in...so the acceptance rate is harder since you have better applicants and less people getting in overall as well.
  9. The average US applicant is way way less competitive than the average Canadian applicant. Furthermore, you have a not in-significant number of American applicants who send in apps with literal <3.0, <500 stats which almost never happens here for obvious reasons so looking at admission rates per capita is meaningless without also considering important variables like the applicant pool.
  10. Stats aside, it's the general sentiment of disrespect that's frustrating.
  11. people really need to watch what they say, the disrespect is real. Crazy thought to you but the vast majority (75-80%) of the hundreds of applicants to FM or IM have it as their 1st choice..
  12. well it's still a surgical residency after all, and besides there are several off-service rotations in other disciplines and other surgical fields throughout and then there is the FRCPC year/exam
  13. ROAD is for fields that are well paying and have good lifestyle + bonus of good job prospects. It does not necessarily correlate to competitiveness (anesthesia is much closer to the ROAD definition than plastics and is much less competitive). It also does not correlate to how "interesting" a field commonly is or so-called 'prestige' (which is BS anyway and for insecure immature people). The only true field that fits the bill is Derm as it is both very high paying and great lifestyle and amazing job prospects (no need for fellowship). Radiology is very high paying but the residency is
  14. UofC had 1700+ applications last year and 2000+ this year as reported by the school admissions. UofA is likely at 2000+ but likely more since their OOP GPA cutoff is much lower.
  15. you have 6 interviews my guy and will likely 1-2 more invites in the next couple days...you can afford to mess up one or two...or 5+..
  16. apply more times in Canada, going abroad should be the extreme last gamble provided you tried 5+ times here
  17. Median means middle number.....if 20% of the class is 21 and 30% of the class is 22, and the other 50% of the class is 80 it does not matter...the middle number (median) is 22. Second of all, I'm confident that more than 30% of the class is 22...I just used that for argument's sake to show you even in conservative estimates median is 22. And finally Ottawa certainly does not look at EC's/life experiences like other schools (Queen's that you mentioned). To get an interview and acceptance every 0.01 in GPA matters (sometimes to the thousandth decimal) closer to 4.0 matters a lot at O
  18. median means middle 50th percentile. Ottawa has the most third year's out of any school in ON after Mac. About 20% of the class is 21 (out of third year). So it's likely that the 50th percentile is 22 (at least next 30% of class is 22 or out of 4th year UG). That's why their median is 22 like Mac. This does not have to do with what they look for, but who they accept. I heard of the class breakdown slide in the fall slideshow as well knowing several people in the class who told me about it. If you want to name schools that can actually say they have "many many students" 25+ (in fact 50% o
  19. you haven't even finished half your degree, you haven't written the MCAT, and you are years from applying. No one can give you your 'chances.' You can't assume you're going to get perfect grades for the rest of your degree, or your MCAT result, or how well your EC's will perceived, or your casper score, etc.
  20. In a few months you will be finished 10 years of university and 3 degrees (BSc MSc DDS) and you want to do another 4 years (MD) and 2-6+ years of residency? In the best case situation, if you get into med asap and go into FM, you are looking at 16 years of university education total and if you do a speciality that's 20+ years of university education. Honestly props to you...finishing a DDS and wanting 6-10+ years of more university after that. I'm assuming you are turning 28 this year since you are almost done 10 years of university ... I would just get out and start working and en
  21. oh I agree that most MS4's are aware of the many challenges of a career in surgery and the ones that go into it clearly are ok with the many cons. In some cases, it takes actually doing a couple of years of residency to really comprehend the brutal reality and to switch asap (like the guy in the videos posted above). What I'm trying to say is that MS1's and (MS2's for the most part) are mostly shielded from the harsh reality. At all these surgery talks, PD's sugarcoat the jobs part of the presentation and don't focus on the reality ... or even the lifestyle and how brutal the residency is, etc
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