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  1. If you click on new accounts under subject, the description required afterwards is so convoluted! What do we need to put for room number and manager? And what is the access to the P vs R drive with their complete paths?? So confusing
  2. Those who heard back from the waitlist this past week have until June 8th to accept! So I assume that there will be more invites the next day (Tuesday June 9th). Hang in there guys and enjoy your weekend!
  3. Nope! Just applied as an English applicant
  4. I received it this past afternoon at 12:01 pm!
  5. Hey everyone, I’ve been lurking this thread for a very long time but wanted to update that I got an offer this afternoon! My initial email timestamp was at 7:41:24 with GPA ~3.91. With this being my only offer and interview it was a dream come true. Just wanted to say that while the waiting is tough, don’t ever give up on yourself. My backup plans weren’t coming to fruition so I felt quite lost for a little while during this wait, but I’m very thankful for this thread and all the positivity that has been shared here. You are all capable of getting that MD acceptance so hang tight and always be
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