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  1. Hey, That does sound confusing. My understanding of it is that it will not be counted towards the 2FCEs that they will drop in calculating the wGPA because it says it's excluded from being dropped - this is the exception to the rule about CR/NCR courses being dropped first. In other words, yes you should be able to have 2.0 FCEs dropped in addition to any P/F courses you had in Winter 2020. This also makes sense because some universities only did CR/NCR for winter 2020 so it wouldn't be fair to students from these unis to count winter 2020 CR/NCR towards the 2.0FCEs. I suggest you
  2. Nah, that's all the info I got and I thought I missed something too. Personally, I think they haven't made up their minds yet and are trying as much as possible to have some portions of it being in-person (based on the vibe I got from the academies webinar). As of right now, there's no confirmation about the curriculum for first years yet.
  3. Haha, my bad! I asked my friend about it and he reminded me that you shouldn't be paying OSAP debts from undergrad with a LOC when you first start medical school. What others have said about consolidating your OSAP loans into your LOC when you're done school and need to repay makes sense given the LOC interest < OSAP interest.
  4. ^very well said. I would also argue that the introduction of programs like BSAP or ISAP can serve as encouragement for these students to apply in the first place. They are more likely to have been told the same old detrimental narrative all their lives that they are "never good enough" or is "less capable", let alone being able to become a physician. If they grew up hearing all these things, they are much less likely to apply to medical schools at all, especially since the representation of themselves in these positions is almost non-existent/hard to come by. By having these sorts of applicati
  5. I'm not a financial expert but I've been told that it is not recommended to pay off OSAP using your LOC. You get a 6 month grace period after you finish school for the federal portions of the loans (meaning no interest!) and you just have interest accruing on the provincial portions of loans (federal and provincial governments give you loans but recently, the 6 month grace period for provincial loans were removed). Even then, the interest for OSAP is supposedly lower than LOC (correct me if I'm wrong). So if you are paying down OSAP debts using LOC, you'd just be accruing way more debt. Genera
  6. Kind of late, but still wanted to contribute: Result: Accepted - St. George Timestamp: May 12th (9:14am) wGPA/cGPA: 3.99/3.94 MCAT: 519 ECs: Varied (mix of research, volunteering, several jobs) - chose to do things that interested me. A lot of stuff had nothing to do with med actually lol. Essays: Wrote them over several weeks and tried to be honest and genuine in my responses. Had friends look over them a few times. I consider myself to be a pretty decent/good writer. Interview: Tbh, I thought it went alright to mediocre. I was definitely not expecting an ac
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