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  1. You can pretty much get into any school with those scores lol. Great job!
  2. I'm applying to PT at the UofA this year and just out of curiosity, what is the average GPA and MMI score of people who have gotten accepted at the UofA? I know their website says anything more than 3.6 for IP is competitive, but does that still hold true or is that an outdated stat?
  3. yup... probably could've done it just fine w/ proper protocols in place. Its quite unfortunate.
  4. Just out of curiosity... how many people approx apply and how many get an interview invite at the UofA?
  5. I was thinking the exact same thing... lol I know personally, I was really counting on my MDT score to help my application, and I lost my morale a bit after I found out that they're not considering it anymore. my predictions are that this year's cut off is defs gonna be higher. Also, I think with online classes, its likely that GPAs are gonna be inflated this year and we also don't really know how the standardization of DAT scores is gonna work... given that not everyone's writing it on one day, but rather they're offering multiple dates this year. Alssooo, I know a lot of OOP ppl applying thi
  6. Could I be added to the facebook group as well please? Thank you!
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