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  1. Hi, just a measly MS1 here but I had a lengthy conversation regarding this topic with my physician mentor who happens to be a cardiologist. They said currently job market for general cardiologists is limited to small centers (think Moosejaw SK, Timmins ON) and they often do GIM and General cardio together because they don't have enough work to solely do general cardiology. Even slightly bigger centers like Saskatoon (comparable to London) are now requiring additional fellowships to make yourself competitive for a job there. Big centers like Ottawa and Toronto often require more training now to
  2. Hello folks, I had a question regarding the 5 year EM program. If you do go through that program would you only be limited to working in the emergency department or would you be able to work in other departments such as ICU or an outpatient urgent care clinic? From my understanding, we can work both in hospital and in clinic if I pursue the CCFP+1 program but not sure if it the same applies to the 5 year. Also I was curious, do EM physicians on average have more or less paperwork than average internists?
  3. Sorry I am unsure of how the LoRs work (just a first year student haha). Say I ask for a letter during a rotation at the end of my third year (in a four year school) do these letters remain in the cloud somewhere and we can choose whether to send them to a specific school or not? or does the program choose which letters to view? I am assuming you never get to read whats in the letter then?
  4. Hi, so what does gunning hard entail for such specialities? I am interested in cardiology and I am not afraid of hard work, but I don't think I can be the neurotic person who gets 4 hours of sleep a night and does all the extracurriculars
  5. Thank you both for your responses! I will keep these in mind for future Shadowing instances! And yes I am a med student now haha but I felt like I didn't have that experience of shadowing as a premed so I didn't really know what to expect from it!
  6. I live in a province where shadowing physicians isn't allowed until you're a medical student. I had my first ever shadowing experience recently and I felt very awkward and didn't really know what to do. I was wondering if there are basic rules or etiquettes that I should follow while shadowing a doctor. For instance, How should you go about introducing ourselves? when physicians are discussing cases with the residents is it appropriate to be a part of the convo? How much or how little should we contribute to it? and Any general tips on getting over that awkwardness
  7. Soooooo what exactly is an observership? and how is it different from just shadowing a physician?
  8. Is there a specific recommended time (end of second year? end of fourth year?) to write the USMLE as a Canadian med student? Is the content covered in the USMLE and Canadian medical schools similar? I follow a couple med student youtubers in UK and they seemed to have to study a lot harder due to differences in content.
  9. I was looking though the preliminary paperwork for med student LoCs and there doesn't seem to be a clause that ensures you stay exclusively with a single bank. So whats stopping someone from opening up and having access to multiple student LoCs at the same time to have access to the whole assortment of perks and credit cards?
  10. Ahh I see... Is pediatric cardiology an academic career path? I wasn't able to find a practicing pediatric cardiologist in my city, they were all researchers associated with the university. Also I see that you are a Pediatric resident. If you don't mind me asking how do you find the residency so far?
  11. This might be a dumb question but does it matter which stream you enter into cardiology from? Would you specifically be considered as a pediatric cardiologist if you enter from Peds or would you just be a regular cardiologist? Also can someone comment on the job prospects for a Cardiologists in Canada? I know a lot of other competitive specialities have extremely desolate job markets, I was wondering if Cardiology was in the same boat.
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