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    cc.v reacted to AncientDentist in Dental profession - positives and challenges?   
    I was exactly in your shoes, reading all of these forum posts during dental school and fretting about whether or not the efforts were worth it. I can tell you, that as a newly graduating dentist, you will almost definitely be in the top 1% of earners in Canada (if you make some concessions about where you want to live and practice, i.e. you don't NEED to work in GTA). You will be pleasantly surprised with how much you can make with relatively modest efforts on your part. You won't be "on-call," you won't have to skip lunch and work 12 hour days, and you can pretty much choose what kind of dentistry you want to practice. You will almost certainly find a job right out of school (again, need to be a bit flexible here) and will start taking home a salary that most other professionals need to earn over a lifetime (and most will still not make as much as you).
    BUT. You will not necessarily be wealthy. If, perhaps in the olden days, a dentist was making more money than he/she knew what to do with, then dentistry has "fallen" from that level. Nowadays, you will need to be financially literate and financially responsible in order to become wealthy. You will need to live well below your means. Dentistry is not a special invitation to become a millionaire. It isn't even really a head-start. Your peers may have started working 10 years earlier and may been saving and investing while you were still digging yourself deeper and deeper into debt. Once you realize the reality of your situation, and once you CHOOSE to live a lifestyle which brings you happiness and is well within your means, you will definitely find that dentistry is a prosperous profession for you. You will love what you do, and because you are responsible with your finances, you will find that it really will bring you wealth.
    Again, I want to emphasize that being a dentist doesn't entitle you to wealth, you need to remove that mentality from your mind altogether (I still remember financial advisors coming to us in dental school and proclaiming that we "won the golden ticket" by being admitted into dental school). All this mentality does is pressure you to live a lifestyle well above your means and will most certainly mean you will "not even pay off your student debt" or "make a comfortable living."
    Reality check: a vast majority of Canadians have a "comfortable living" making half of what you will make. Live like they do (and save/invest/pay off debt with the rest). 
    Read a few books on the matter too, I really wish I was informed in first year dental school. Start with "Wealthy barber returns" and you'll enter into the rabbit hole of personal finance forever - best of luck!
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    cc.v reacted to SamR in 2020 UofT Dental school Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted   
    Just got an acceptance! I'm shaking!!
    24 AA
    22 PAT
    3.89 GPA
    Completed Bachelors and took a gap year/incomplete masters.
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    cc.v reacted to futureDr.C in U of S invites   
    Its on the selection criteria PDF on the website (although it doesn't say anything about CASPer on main page) CASPer has 0% weight in the application, it's for research purposes, it HAS to be done by November 19th 
    It does not replace the interview and USASK still requires DAT
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    Given the current pandemic situation, the Canadian Dental Association is not able to safely offer the Manual Dexterity section for the November 2020 DAT. Therefore, the Manual Dexterity section will not be included in the evaluation of applicants for the 2021 admission cycle. Applicants will still need to present a minimum score of 15/30 in each of the Reading & Comprehension and Perceptual Ability sections.  The November 2020 DAT will be considered for Fall 2021 admission.
    What UofA released 
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    cc.v reacted to c5555 in U of S invites   
    So apparently 33/34 spots are filled for the orientation - my friend just told me. Looks like another disappointing year 
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    cc.v got a reaction from ancientsoul in U of S invites   
    I know an OOP person who got accepted today off of the waitlist, maybe we'll be hearing back soon too
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    cc.v got a reaction from Dr.Dent in U of S invites   
    I know an OOP person who got accepted today off of the waitlist, maybe we'll be hearing back soon too
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    cc.v got a reaction from Crockus in U of S invites   
    I know an OOP person who got accepted today off of the waitlist, maybe we'll be hearing back soon too
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