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  1. Maybe try leasing if your credit is good enough (or your parents are willing to co-sign). I took over a lease to scratch my car itch before entering med school. I realized taking transit was more convenient for me. Porsches are fancy Audis. Audis are fancy Volkswagens. They should all be similar in reliability.
  2. Thanks for the reply! The government is giving out more loans this year due to Covid. Hopefully that doesn't mean UBC will give less in bursaries to everyone
  3. Hi everyone! I was wondering what people's experiences were with UBC bursaries? It's my first time receiving loans, and they calculated an unmet need of about 10k. Can I expect the bursaries to cover all of it, or just a portion? Thanks!
  4. Yup, I agree with VMS. As long as your school's credits are good with WES/ICES you should be treated the same as other students. I don't think that talking about how your old school is more prestigious than the school you're applying to is going to impress any interviewer however...
  5. Has anyone tried both of these stethoscopes? I currently have the Classic III, and I'm wondering if it's worthwhile to upgrade to the Cardiology IV. Thanks!
  6. I submitted two documents on one page, and they accepted it. YMMV. Safer to submit it on separate pages if you have the cash.
  7. Did anyone apply for student loans? How long does it usually take for a funding estimate?
  8. Anyone know if they're shipping the backpacks to us this year? (Maybe through DHL )
  9. How is that disrespectful? Just because we're in medicine doesn't give us the right to shit on other people's professions...
  10. UBC student numbers are usually 6 digits. (8 digits*) My old undergraduate ID popped up under the application status tab.
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