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  1. June 21, 2020 (11:59 pm ET)Provisional Acceptances become Firm Acceptances for OT/PT.
  2. I think this is really unfair tbh, especially considering they won't tell us our spot/rank on the waitlist. Whats to say we were about to get a call the next business day or like on Tuesday, but since we were forced to firmly accept another school we won't get the offer??? People are obviously going to decline their spots over the weekend since thats the deadline for provisional acceptances, and spots will open up, but that doesn't give people on the waitlist a fair opportunity to get an offer (given they had to firmly accept another school). Is anyone else really pissed about this or is it j
  3. Has anyone heard from UofT about the waitlist? Just wondering if they are contacting people or not...
  4. I emailed for PT and they said they will only contact applicants during business hours (weekdays). Kinda frustrating as people will decline their offers this weekend and we wont have the chance to get off the waitlist if our provisional acceptances for other schools becomes firm on Sunday
  5. I emailed Sarah asking if they would contact applicants off the waitlist on the weekend! She hasn't replied yet.
  6. Has anyone heard from the UofT PT waitlist yet? I believe they will call and then email?
  7. I just found this forum now wow! Best of luck to everyone in the fall, regardless of what you end up doing Is anyone declining their UofT PT offer? Its been my 1st choice for about a year now and Im waitlisted Im just wondering if there is still hope? Not sure how the waitlist works at UofT... I didnt get a rank or anything.
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