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  1. Just accepted a spot for PT at U of T! Rejected Western and McMaster PT so that should open up spots!
  2. Dont feel discouraged!! A lot of the members added are First and second year PT students already in the program
  3. If you dont mind me asking why was U of T your top choice!? Do you know anyone who has been through the PT program and have any insight on it? Just for future reference
  4. Hey everyone! I wanted to create this space to discuss the pros/cons of the PT programs for the Ontario schools to help applicants with a better insight on which school fits best for them!! If anyone has experience with these schools, programs or knows others who have been through the programs any input would be great!
  5. Got an acceptance email from McMaster PT!! It also says offered admission for Western and U of T PT on ORPAS but no email yet.
  6. I ended up getting an offer to Brunel! Still deciding if I should accept or not. I have a friend in the program right now though who is really enjoying it.
  7. I also got accepted into Brunel! Would love to hear how the program was as well.
  8. Does anyone know how many people receive the CAP invite on average? Im guessing it differs every year.
  9. Im looking to apply to PT schools in the UK to give me some more options. Has anyone heard anything (good or bad) about the PT programs at Brunel, Brighton, University of Essex, Oxford Brooks, Leeds Beckett, and Manchester Met? Anyone help would be great
  10. Is anyone currently in the qualifying year for PT at McGill. If so, would you be able to discuss how you find it?
  11. Has anyone heard of how the McGill Physiotherapy program is? Thanks!
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