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  1. You will have to release the score when you get the score. They don't need AAMC id. Not sure if they will send remainder email that you have not released the MCAT score. Ideally, you should release the score as soon as you get it.
  2. Great! I read somewhere here that it depends on the Rep you are dealing with.
  3. Can I also ask what are some criteria to be selected for further training?
  4. Great! So, did you get it without showing enrollment letter? Tks
  5. Thank you so much for your reply @rednwhite. I was also wondering if you were able to practice FM medicine while completing your anesthesiology residency? Thanks again for sharing info regarding the military sponsored residency. Do they sponsor a few non-FM residency spots every year?
  6. Thank you! I think it would impact other-way. I just received an email from Scotia Bank to fill-in some forms asking the amount I owe to others. I think the bank rep told me I can have max 25k loan from other sources. I will keep posted :).
  7. Do you know if you get the LOC, will it impact the loan you will get from government, or vice versa? I didn't apply for student loan before. Thanks
  8. Sorry, I didn't get notification of your message. I was wondering if MOTP students could do +1 before serving military? Thank you.
  9. Just wondering if anybody is applying to MOTP this year? Also, I would like to know how difficult it is to apply for second residency program after completing the obligatory service period. Thank you.
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