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  1. For the volunteer experience requirement - their website indicates that we should be working with individuals with disabilities for the volunteer experience requirement but the reference form includes the word "impairments" as well. Would volunteering at a physio clinic (working with individuals with physical impairements such as e.g. soft tissue injuries , but not severe disabilites) count towards the volunteer experience requirement?
  2. Hi! Applying in the fall - does anyone have tips on how to ask a prof for academic reference? Like when & how to ask? (I'm also scared about my academic references because I haven't had the chance to really build a great relationship with any of my profs )
  3. Thank you for this! Do you know anything regarding UBC about academic references? I wasn't able to find anything on if it can be supervisor from a lab :/
  4. Hi! Future applicant here. Regarding academic references, does it have to be a professor who has taught you in a class? I have been volunteering in a research lab and was thinking of asking the professor of that lab to be my academic reference even though I've never been taught by him - would that be okay?
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