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  1. So if they only filled 2 of the non IAP NSR, I'm guessing that means all OOP applicants who passed the interview cutoff got an acceptance that year?
  2. The 5-year statistics page says that there was an MMI pass cutoff, but that it wasn't released. https://medicine.usask.ca/documents/ugme/admission/admissions-statistics-5-year-summary.pdf
  3. A couple things: 1) this was a great read. I can tell you’re very passionate about this and my initial reaction is to encourage you to try to program in Japan. That sounds like it could be an absolutely incredible experience, and I think talking about it as a whole would absolutely help you for med although there are clearly many other benefits as well. 2. I wouldn’t count yourself out for med in Canada at all. Your GPA is more than enough for Western and Queens, and your masters year will be included into your GPA for some schools (ie. Alberta schools if you get 128 in CARS, Dal, MU
  4. Interesting. Seems strange that they would hold the number of interviewees so consistent for at least the past 5 years at ~280, and then all of the sudden increase it 30% to 360. I guess the rejections of a couple days ago make more sense with this information.
  5. I believe Sask has an MMI percentile cutoff at the 40th percentile for OOP and somewhere around the 20th percentile IP. I’m not certain if that’s the case in this situation but since the OOP decisions are 100% based off of MMI I could see that being possible.
  6. This coming weekend are the only 2 days for panel interviews. I would assume anyone waitlisted for a panel interview would have heard back late last week/Monday of this week. My panel invite said I had to accept/decline it by last Friday so I assume they would have let anyone who got an interview off the waitlist know on Monday.
  7. I'm pretty sure they got waitlisted for a panel interview. As in, if enough people decline their panel interview, then they would be able to take their spot and get a panel themselves. I think the people saying you can't be waitlisted at this stage are saying that in order to be waitlisted for acceptance you need to actually get a panel interview.
  8. So the way I did it was: x= proportion of applicants who are OOP, y=proportion of applicants who are IP x+y=1 x=1-y Overall success rate= (OOP applicant proportion x OOP success rate) + (IP applicant proportion x IP success rate) 15.9= (6.1x) + (33.6y) 15.9= (6.1)(1-y)+33.6y 15.9=6.1-6.1y+33.6y 9.8=27.5y y=35.6% x=64.4% OOP applicants = x*820 OOP applicants=528 OOP acceptances= 0.061*528=32 I see what you're saying about the numbers not lining up with Saskatchewan's 5 year doc. I think the most recent cycle on the adm
  9. https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/pdf/2021_admission-requirements_EN.pdf
  10. If you do a little math based on some numbers found in the AFMC admission requirements document, it seems like the number of offers is generally in the high 20s or low 30s for OOP. If you pass the OOP MMI cutoff of the 40th percentile, you have a very good chance of getting an acceptance.
  11. Hi there. Yes you should apply to Western, it seems like you meet MCAT cutoffs from the past couple of years and they won’t hold the one year against you as long as you can get a 3.7+ in your next year. Also, if you do get a 3.85 and have the financial ability, I would apply to Queens as well. It seems their 2YGPA cutoff this year was in the low 3.7s so you could always give that a try.
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