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  1. Based on the number of people who posted in previous years vs the number of people who posted yesterday it doesn't even seem like 33% of total invites were sent yesterday. It's possible there will be a couple more smaller waves to come in order to fill up the first interview date.
  2. Was anything else of importance mentioned during the webinar?
  3. Program: MD Result: INVITE Timestamp: 2:05 pm OMSAS GPA: 3.86 CARS: 129 IP/OOP: IP Casper: Good enough for Manitoba OOP!
  4. None of us could possibly know that with any certainty. That being said, its likely this week but could very well be later in January.
  5. I'm in a similar situation. My advisor has been incredibly understanding so far and has committed to helping me defend in time for wherever I may be going. It's definitely stressful but I do think that our committees/medical schools will understand that we effectively lost a whole semester worth of time due to COVID and will take that into account.
  6. IP/OOP: OOP Decision: invite MCAT: 522 aGPA: 4.34 Coefficients: A couple socioeconomic.
  7. The Applicant information document says interview invites will be sent out January 7th 2021.
  8. I mean to be fair you still haven't heard back from the schools that you have the best chance of getting in to. Wait to hear back from Ontario schools before you start questioning whether you're cut out for this. Dal, Memorial, & UBC interview 10% or less of the out of province applicants. The only other thing I could recommend is trying the MCAT again if you don't get in anywhere this cycle, as a 128+ CARS score will open a couple more doors for you.
  9. Both seem to be cutoffs pre interview. Post interview is a mystery.
  10. I really don’t think it’s worth it. It gives you a bonus 1% at Mac, which given your cGPA right now isn’t enough unfortunately. Maaaaybe with a 132 CARS and a 99% CASPer but I’m not sure that’s worth doing a whole masters for. UofT just cares so much about GPA that I don’t see it happening without a whole second undergrad and even that might not be enough. Accepted average for UofT has been 3.95+ the last couple of years.
  11. For schools other than western: Mac and UofT are out unless you take like 10 undergraduate years. Ottawa looks at last 3 years so a fifth year may give you a shot there but the average of your last three years would need to be 3.85+ if you’re in province for Ontario or 3.87+ if you’re out of province. If you’re from a rural region, 5 years plus a masters degree might get you in range for NOSM. Dalhousie looks at just last two years, however, if you’re OOP you need to have a connection to the maritimes with them only interviewing ~8% of out of province applicants. Memorial looks at cGPA and you
  12. I'm sorry if this is blunt but at this point I think your only chance of getting in in Canada (without beginning a whole new undergraduate degree, which in this situation would only help for a couple of more schools) is Western or Queens. You would need your last two years to be above 3.7 (preferably 3.8+ for queens). Additionally, both of those schools have fairly high and strict MCAT cutoffs and really value diverse and long term ECs. Look through the forums to determine your exact MCAT cutoffs for these schools, study hard and if you haven't already began getting meaningful experiences star
  13. Yeah they’re still doing it that way. I suppose my point was just that anyone who wasn’t able to maintain a full course load is a bit more competitive now that the weighting formula is less favourable.
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