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  1. My sub-GPA is expected to be ~3.5. I've done some job shadowing (only ~10 hrs, split between 3 places). I was planning on shadowing a lot more this summer but it's difficult with the pandemic and all. Thank you for your help!
  2. i was planning to apply to PT and OT programs this year but my sub-GPA is terrible. so, i might apply only to OT programs but i'm expecting the worst outcome. since taking another year of undergrad is not financially viable for me, i plan to work, volunteer and apply again the following year. at least then they would consider my last quarter grades and my sub-GPA would (hopefully) be better. if you've been accepted to either PT or OT after taking a year off school i'd love to hear what you did during that year! in other words, how did you improve your application without changing your GP
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