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  1. Honestly, in terms of stats, I feel like they tend to be higher on PM101, especially in terms of MCAT scores. You can see this for yourself by comparing reported stats on the forum to the actual averages of matriculated students from each school's admissions page. When it comes to ECs, it really varies. Some people that I've spoken with in my class have much more impressive stats than I've seen on this forum, while others are pretty basic (and by basic, I still mean dedicated individuals with long-term and unique activities... just not to the same degree compared to some of these other c
  2. Incoming first year med student here. I am interested in buying a condo right next to my university. What factors should I be considering when deciding to rent vs buy? Just to provide some background, I've been looking at 1BR condos in the 170-210K range, and I have enough money saved up for a 20% down payment. I know the location very well (spent childhood + undergrad in the same city). I have 0 student debts - I funded my undergrad almost entirely on my own and I'm relatively frugal. My parent is willing to act as a cosigner if necessary in order to secure a mortgage. Obvio
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