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  1. Yeah law runs the gamut. Bay Street and similar "Big Law" environments are notorious for lawyers working obscene hours in order to meet billable hour targets (or maybe for some just because they love the work and it's their life.) There are also solo practitioners or lawyers in small firms who work very long hours nearly every day too because their practice is just that busy or overwhelming to them. But a good number of lawyer roles are pretty close to normal 40 hour work weeks and I know some senior solo practitioners who work, say, 4 day weeks or take extended winter vacations almost every y
  2. This is great push back and I appreciate it. There is undeniably an aspect of proving something to myself in considering medicine. At 30 years old I've never had an employment dream or anything that felt like one and I'm not expecting one to reveal itself. I think if I do give medicine another shot it will not be out of some naive hope that the grass will be greener but maybe there will be some hope that the grass will be more interesting. Career fulfillment is not easy. I think for a lot of people it's not something they find so much as it's something they construct for themselves
  3. Thanks for the input so far. I figured that Mac would be my best chance, if I can do very well on CARS and CASPer. Interesting to know that Queens and UWO could at least be remote possibilities though, depending on the MCAT, based on how they handle GPA. Even if the law marks aren't factored into the GPA calcs I'd imagine it's still incredibly rare for anybody with a UG cGPA or B2/L2 GPA around 3.75 to get into any of these three schools. I think it would probably be prudent for me to contact all three of those schools to clarify how they would handle the degrees and GPA.
  4. I've been a lawyer for two years. During my UG Biology degree I interviewed for med school twice (Mac two years) but did not get in. I am content being a lawyer but being a doctor is not leaving my mind; in a way I think of not getting in and not becoming a doc as a personal failure and a way that I let myself down previously. Law was the backup plan. It's not that I necessarily dreamed of being a doctor but I could have gotten better grades, done better on the MCAT with better preparation, and prepped better for the interviews I did have. I know I would not be a strong candidate but I'm
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