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  1. I did student loan and the gov suggest the first year tuition is about 11k. A step up from the undergrad science for sure but still way cheaper than 20k lol
  2. Thank you! Just did it and very happy about this 1k long term investment hahaha Yeah the stress spike was so much I trembled like a leaf hahaha. Congrats to you too!!! We're in this together!!!!
  3. Yo am I trippin or what bc I just got my acceptance letter too??? It's so surreal but I'm definitely framing the acceptance letter to look at it before bed every night hahahah. How did you guys pay the $1000 deposit? I have TD and is it okay to pay through the Pay Bills instead of through launch pad?
  4. Bruh i didn't know about this forum existence until now. They did told us after the interview that acceptance starts like mid/late June and if you dont hear from them til mid July you're on the waitlist if I remember correctly
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