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  1. Hi guys, I am going to start my undergraduate degree in September 2021, which means if I got into med school in the first try I would start in 2025. When would be the best times to take my attempts on the MCAT? Like when is too early and how much should I space out each attempt?
  2. Hi guys! I was wondering if kinesiology would be a good premed undergraduate program? I am fairly interested in it and I heard it is not too hard, but it doesn't seem like a valuable degree to have. What are your guys's thoughts?
  3. So the extra research done in honours isn't worth it, right? Also would a science degree be challenging in university even if I am interested in biology?
  4. Hi everyone, If i were to take a undergraduate degree in the faculty of science (biochemistry for example), is it worth taking it in honours or is specialization better?
  5. Okay thank you so much! Could I do it in the summer or does it have to be during the semesters?
  6. I already started looking into it before but I don't really have a full on prep schedule. If I were to start should I prepare more for the biology section or the CARS section?
  7. Hi everyone! I am currently an 11th grade high school student and I was wondering when should I start preparing for the MCAT? Is it beneficial to start now or should I wait to finish the high school biology curriculum for a better foundation? Thanks!
  8. If I were to email a professor, would I have to provide a reference or resume or something like that? Or could I just ask for a research opportunity? Thanks!
  9. Unfortunately I applied but did not make it for this summer. Are there any other formal programs that you know of? Also, if I were to email a professor, would I have to be accepted into their university first or can I email them without being accepted? Thanks!
  10. I am interested in the domain of biochemistry but I also find researching on drugs against pathogens fascinating as well.
  11. I've heard it is beneficial to take the research camps at universities. Is it worth it? Or is there a better extracurricular to do for medicine? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the answer! I am very interested in biology and chemistry and I wish to take an undergraduate relating to that. In your opinion, are the biochem courses, in general, difficult (high workload, tough assessments, etc)? Like would it be somewhat challenging to attain a high GPA even though I am interested in biochem?
  13. Hi everyone I was wondering how competitive it is to get into the research opportunities at the University of Alberta during my undergraduate degree. Thanks!
  14. Is there any major advantage to taking an undergraduate degree in biology or medical sciences for applying to med school? Because they say they want all-rounded students but would taking a medical related undergraduate help for the MCAT? Thanks!
  15. Hi everyone I am a grade 11 student in Alberta and I was wondering if there are any research opportunities I can take before I enter undergraduate studies. My desired university is the University of Alberta. Additionally, it would be very helpful if you guys could share any research or health related extracurriculars you guys did in high school. Thanks!
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