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  1. they usually send invites and rejections the same date, they dont give details on their reasons for selection tho
  2. TIME STAMP: Checked in Minerva 11:28 AM Result: Regrets GPA: 3.8 MCAT:N/A ECs (CV): Felt pretty good. Some research, awards, work, and sports activities Year: 4th year of undergrad Feelings about Casper: Thought it went okay but i am not so sure now. Applicant category: QC applicant, Ontario University Last year i had an interview at uottawa, im hoping for at least an interview this year as well. Do you guys know when Laval, UdeM and Sherbrooke answers are coming out?
  3. quick question, what does GL means in the note section for quebec residency verified?
  4. Does anyone know the approximate date of ottawa's release date?
  5. how many invitations do they usually send for the french stream waitlist?
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