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  1. CARS is definitely a big factor - the cutoff for Western and Queens this year was 127, just hitting those two scores would've added two schools to your application pool. Furthermore, your ECs are fine. I think the thing that really held you back this application cycle was inexperience writing your app, (maybe) CASPer, and CARS. Send me a message if you want to discuss further about them.
  2. OP: I've mentored a lot people in research and I love research. One of my mentees is just about to get her first author publication in a major medical journal and I'm thrilled. The first question I ask to any student is why do you want to do research? You'll also need to familiarize yourself with what type of research you want. If it is in healthcare - basic science (working in a lab and performing lab techniques), clinical research (collecting patient data, ethics approval, enrolling patients), review papers (essentially summarize findings of published primary data papers or meta analyzing th
  3. Hey OP, super valid points you brought up. it can be daunting going into a new chapter of life without knowing how you'll fit in. That said, medicine is probably one of the best environments to do that with. People come into medicine from all types of backgrounds. Finding life-long friend/friend group during O-week - bit ambitious, but you will definitely find someone that you'll resonate with. Furthermore, we'll all be colleagues one day and be working on the same team to take care of our patients and each other - that sense of comradery begins on day 1. Finally, everyone worked extremely har
  4. OP - tldr, do not give up. Year application is amazing. I've met a lot of premeds during my application journey and throughout undergrad (n>100) and most have matriculated and your ECs are 90-95th percentile. Improve CARS and practice CASPer. The application process is legit building a computer, you need every single bit otherwise it won't run. But once you have all the parts, I'd be surprised if you don't interview. If you have good parts, you'll sweep interviews. I know of a couple close friends with ECs that are similar to yours (yours tbh may be better if you spend some time and wr
  5. Very valid points OP; the goal of my post isn't to deter you from speaking up, apologies if it sounded that way. It was to shed some light for current premeds, the information for medical school applications is rather asymmetrical and I wanted to give advice for applicants currently applying as changes to the application process may take years to materialize tangibly.
  6. I came across some interesting points reading this forum and wanted to share some thoughts - furthermore there's also a lot of premeds that read this and I imagine how stressed out (as many people including myself was) when I came to reading about MCAT and grades for med admissions. Re: OP point about fairness: Arguing that the system isn't fair - spot on. Just from an objective GPA comparison standpoint the system isn't fair when comparing between programs and this doesn't account the non-academic and social difficulties certain students have to overcome. GPAs across the same program ca
  7. Posting cause this forum was really helpful as an applicant Result: Offer Applicant Stream: In province, English, UG wGPA: 3.96 ECs: Well rounded but with focus in research/academia (TA, publications in peer reviewed journals, awards, conference presentations, academia leadership positions) CASPer: Felt decent finishing. Prepped with close friends from September to mid October for 2-3 hours daily, used online free resources and treated the system check as a mock test (similar to a MCAT practice full length) Interview: Felt good coming out. Prepped with same group
  8. Incoming med student here, this is some really interesting info. I'm wondering where this data is for Ottawa - specifically the ER residents part. I'm staying open minded for specialities, however, EM currently sounds the most salient (lifestyle, culture, training, patient population, practice etc) for non surgical specialties. I've also heard Ottawa has a phenomenal EM program for PGME. I'd love to get some more information.
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