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  1. My post secondary is all over the place. I did well my first 3 semesters, then changed universities for the 4th semester and failed two courses. Then returned to Ireland and finished my degree there. I have what equates to 32 credits there to finish my degree. My last year was terrible probably because I was working full time as well and a few other things. So I was hoping to drop my last year which leaves me slightly under 90 credits but includes the two semester 4 fails. I tried to convert my GPA to see where I'm sitting at and it's about 80%. I then did a college diploma in a he
  2. I need to take the two english credits and another GPA boosting course, does anyone have suggestions at TRU online? To bring my GPA a few points does the course need to be a 3rd or 4th year course? Or do 1st and 2nd year courses work too? I already have a degree from the UK but if I drop my worst year I will only have 80 credits so need to make up 10. Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated thank you!
  3. Congratulations that is a fantastic achievement! What was your mcat scores and ECs if you don't mind me asking? So undergrad classes post BSc degree will contribute to my overall gpa then, that's good to hear.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I think my gpa is under 80% that's why I'm considering a 5th year if that's possible. I still need to do my english requirements but I'm unsure if the scores from those would even count in the gpa requirements if I already have a degree. I do have diverse and longterm ECs so yes I'm hoping those will really help! Thanks.
  5. Hi, I am a non trad considering med school. I am IP for UBC. I did my undergrad 10+ years ago with a combo of Canadian university (first two years) then I finished in the UK at a distance university while working full time in the government. As a result my GPA is kinda wonky and hard to calculate. First three semesters at university in Canada I had a 3.7gpa. I then switched to another Canadian university and did really poorly, failed two classes, two D's, 1 C. I straight up failed Chemistry because I fainted mid exam and couldn't finish and they didn't let me rewrite it.
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