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  1. Thank you for confirming! Definitely helps so much with planning out what to do for future.
  2. Hey thank you so much for following up on my question! Super helpful to hear from you Just wanted to quickly clarify one thing though to be very safe: we are only allowed to apply in the final year/second year of the course-based Master's...so if I apply in Fall 2022 for Fall 2023 entry (while I'm in my final/second year of this degree), I would still be assessed in the UG stream as I have not actually graduated from the course-based Master's? Their website does not explicitly explain all this so thought I'd confirm.
  3. Has anyone ever heard of a student with a 3.8 wgpa get an interview (not a grad applicant, just regular undergrad) for UofT? The new weighing formula really deflated things for me tbh. Not sure if its worth pursuing a Master's degree in the fall to try and boost chances at this point. My understanding from their website is that a course-based Master's still puts students into the grad applicant pool (not just the thesis-based ones)...does anyone know if this is correct?
  4. Hey guys, I've read online here and elsewhere that UBC is very strict about contacting verifiers and generally contacts them in October. None of my verifiers have brought up having been contacted thus far and I'm just feeling very anxious. Does this automatically mean that I have been rejected and my file will not be further reviewed for interview consideration? For context, I'm OOP (Ontario), submitted my app a few hours before the Oct 1 deadline and meet all the academic cut-offs (albeit GPA was lower end around 88%) but with decent NAQ). Any help or advice would be very much appreciat
  5. Really hope that they use the CASPer in this capacity. The only other way I can imagine is that they may use it to further cut down the applicants from consideration as another cut-off after the GPA and MCAT. Defininitely tough to say how it will play out.
  6. Hey guys, just feeling anxious 24/7 like usual about all this stuff and wanted to get your thoughts on the coming year. What do you anticipate the CARS cut-off to be? Seems to hover at 126-127 recently but given that the process becomes more competitive each year, I feel like it'll be 127 this cycle potentially (as someone who has a 126, I'm obviously very worried haha).
  7. Hey guys, do we have any information as to how Queen's plans to use CASPer? Not sure if they would use it as a cut-off/competitively or whether they would relax any of their other requirements for GPA/MCAT due to it. Wondering what others think about this new addition to their admissions process.
  8. @Grind4MD @MedicineLCS Thanks for following up! Both of you pointed out really great info here. I did email them but unfortunately did not receive a reply regarding this matter. I would hope that the LSES cut-off would be at least a bit lower but tough to say if they would change things up from last year. The wording on their website is also not very clear imo: Each year, a minimum cumulative grade point average (cGPA) is set for the current application pool. The required minimum cGPA is 3.50/4.00 and upwards according to the following list of categories (not necessarily in
  9. Hey guys, I'm a little confused as to how the LSES applicants process works (if an individual is even eligible). Specifically, does the 3.85 cGPA cut-off stand firm if you're eligible for this stream or would this vary at all (i.e. be somewhat lower)? In addition, is the LSES consideration granted pre-interview, post-interview or in both circumstances?
  10. @seewhathappens @bearded frog Thank you for your replies! Appreciate your input - I agree, it does seem highly unlikely for them to click on any extra links truthfully
  11. Is there a word count or particular format that students are to follow when writing the AEE? Their website is a bit vague so any advice would be very much appreciated Also where in OMSAS would this be uploaded?Thanks so much guys.
  12. Hi everyone, just have a quick question on whether we can insert a webpage or Google Drive link as a part of our ABS (maybe even hyperlink)? I helped with several media/communications projects at my undergraduate university and 150 characters doesn't enable me to describe any of these or do justice to the final outcome. It would be so much better if they could see the work for themselves to actually be able to appreciate it. I know for research publications we can insert a DOI but not too sure if we can put other types of links into our ABS. Any help or guidance on this matter would be g
  13. Wholeheartedly agree with you on that!! Literally makes all the difference if you're in a good mindset while writing (unlike studying where you can just push through). So glad I was able to get your perspective and feel better before approaching all the writing I actually also had a surprising drop from my AAMC FLs to actual MCAT that I wrote last month so really relying on only the few schools in Canada that will take borderline GPA and MCAT now so just tricky all around.
  14. @AgentMichaelScarn So happy to hear about your experience, definitely gives so much hope to the rest of us in similar situations!!! I was starting to feel defeated before even starting their essays truthfully so really appreciate your input. Thank you for sharing I hope things worked out for you this cycle with other schools.
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