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  1. I started medical school at 32, years after traveling the world, gaining rich and varied work experience, and becoming fluent in multiple languages. I feel sorry for your friends who got into medical school on the first try at the tender age of 20 or 21. Many of them are likely to graduate and become disheartened as residents because their young, idealistic minds expected much more than managing bed issues at 3:00 AM. They're also more likely to get burned out, get divorced and become severely suicidal; if you've applied four times, that means you've become familiar with the taste of reje
  2. Lol, "asking for a friend." I've used that line before, @Jessyyn. Yes, you should apply to McMaster, @Jessyyn.
  3. The best admissions video has been the University of Saskatchewan's for 2014: This followed the format of the American version of The Office in a sea of copycats that kept making cringe-worthy musicals. UT made an Office parody in 2019, but USask were the originals. All those videos from 2020 are completely unoriginal. Boring.
  4. This post is coming 13 years after the original, but it's never too late. The biggest problem with McMaster is the discrepancy between what they preach and what they practice. They claim to stand out because they accept more mature and unconventional students with non-science backgrounds. But if you take a look at their admissions trends over the last 5 - 7 years, you'll notice that they've fallen back into the baseline habit of being like every other medical school: Accept science students straight out of undergraduate programs. The advantage of that is having more uniform and monolithic
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