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  1. I got an offer today to move from SMP to my first choice VFMP, which I will be accepting. My deadline to accept is next Tuesday, so hopefully someone here will get good news today or next week! If anyone here is coming to SMP and needs an apartment, I'm trying to find someone to do a lease takeover for my rental in Kelowna, so please feel free to shoot me a PM!
  2. I'm sort of on the waitlist... Got into my 3rd choice site but still on the waitlist for the others.
  3. I'm another SMP who will be new to Kelowna! Excited to meet all of you guys (someday).
  4. On my offer, it asked grad students to inform the admissions office after accepting if they were on track in Feb to finish their grad program by Jul 30, so I'm not sure how they'll handle that.
  5. I got an offer for SMP (3rd choice). Non-rural, IP. Good luck to everyone still on the waitlist!
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