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  1. How competitive is anesthesia to match into? Should one be doing research starting in first year?
  2. I got accepted to Vancouver campus with a 124 in cars and overall score of 503 as an OPP.
  3. They prob just mean you have to register for the CASPer test before October 1st. Once you get your OMSAS number add it to your CASPer profile using the "Help/Ask Me" section. CASPer is externally marked so I don't think Queens meant to write it before October 1st.
  4. As frustrating as it is for us, I imagine it is equally frustrating for the faulty. I agree that the least they could do is send us an email with an update just being like, "We are sorry this is taking so long but we are in communication with public health at the moment, etc." However, on the bright side we are about to start medical school which is very exciting regardless of how we start IMO.
  5. If I go to Ottawa will the school contact us to sign up for OMA and CMA then?
  6. Yup, do that within 6 months of graduating (after grace period ends).
  7. Has any incoming first-year medical student signed up for their CMA membership yet? Just wondering if we just do it through the CMA website directly.
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