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  1. Honestly I never looked at these forums until after I applied because I knew the pressure of seeing what everyone else was doing and comparing them to myself would just break me. It sounds like you have been through a lot, and admissions committees see all of that as well. You have an (although unfortunate) incredible experience to reflect on and sounds like you have real motivations for wanting to go down the path you're going down, which to me and to a lot of admissions committees is much more authentic. I applied to all PT and OT schools in Ontario with a sub GPA of 3.76 and got offered two
  2. I've only seen the Mac waitlist go up to number 3 through this forum. I was high up on this list too and was hoping for an offer but I think that ship has sailed
  3. Okay so this isn't a program question but an OSAP one. If anyone has any ideas or has faced the same issue please let me know! I graduated highschool in 2014, but took 1 semester of a "5th year" before entering undergrad in 2015. My question is if for this school year I would be considered 6 years out of high school for my OSAP application (since I technically graduated in 2014) in order to be deemed independent. I have reached out to the school for help a a week and a half ago and have not gotten an answer yet, and the application deadline to get the funding in time for September is tomorrow.
  4. I got into Western as well and went there for my undergrad so I know the student center portal well. I believe it says that until the deposit/first instalment is paid! I remember it saying similar things when I was admitted to my undergrad so it isn't anything to worry about!
  5. Okay thanks! I think I will firmly accept anyways since I have full intention of going through with the offer I received.
  6. I find it is best to ask sooner than later so they have enough time to write the recommendation without being rushed, but you likely want to ask after a midterm mark is back. You'll want to ask a prof whos class you are doing well in, especially if you don't have as strong of a relationship with them so they can vouch for your academic performance. Most profs in upper year classes are used to this request, so asking in person in an office hour or via email is good!
  7. Hey Guys! I just wanted to confirm that my understanding of provisional vs firm acceptances is correct. By replying on ORPAS to my offer provisionally that is replying to the offer (and it won't expire today) right? I accepted provisionally already but I'm scared I need to firmly accept before tonight's deadline. Is provisional okay? I accepted my Western OT offer so a UofT spot will open up to the waitlist!
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