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  1. Thank you for that advice, it really helps hearing from others who have gone through the application process! I should clarify that IF I calculated my GPA correctly its a 3.47, not sure if that makes a huge difference but I have an upward trend, and have a 4.0 from this past semester. I was born and raised in a northern Ontario city with about 75,000 people, and all of my clinical experiences thus far have been done here! I was looking at pursuing a master’s in public health (Assuming I dont get into Med first). I was hoping that maybe some of my extracurriculars throughout undergrad could sup
  2. Thats awesome, Congrats! First off, I have started putting together all of my activities for the autobiographical sketch, I am a nursing student and am unsure if I should include clinical experiences. For example, this year I completed two community based placements. I am also worried that my GPA is too low. I currently have a 3.4 but I have alot of unique leadership experiences and other activities. I just dont know if its worth it to apply now or get a Master’s to boost my grades
  3. Hello! I am hoping to apply to NOSM this application cycle and looking for any current or previous medical students who would be willing to give any advice/help with my application/the application process! Also anyone who has previously applied and has any tips is much appreciated!! Thanks in advance :)
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