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  1. Thank you for the information @DrOtter My UG cGPA is 3.91. So it seems that would be what is 'graded' against the other graduate applicants.
  2. With the change to the UofT requirements for a 'grad student', does anyone have any idea what the average admission GPA is for the grad student pool? Does it also matter if the Masters was completed on a part-time basis? It seems that the acceptance wGPA for grad students seems to be far lower than the undergraduate pool. My UG cGPA is in the lower end of the 3.9 range, and not eligible for the wGPA calculation.
  3. @mdforme Thanks for the advice! I bought the AAMC Cars Q pack. Is the PRINCETON CARS book a good resource? I was looking to supplement at least 2 AAMC Tests + The AAMC CARS Q pack with the Exam Krackers book. Would you recommend the EK book? Glad I'm not the only mature applicant thinking about just writing CARS!
  4. Thank you @youbesee! I think my worry was that if I used too many of the AAMC full lengths I wouldn't be able to use them in the future.
  5. I volunteer with non-for profits as a grant writer to help secure funding to help with their operations and projects. The grants are written collaboratively, but I've been the lead for a few. Would these be reported under 'Awards?'
  6. I am looking to get some advice on my situation. I am a mature applicant, and because of full-time work in healthcare services/public health planning and family, I do not have much time to dedicate to studying for all the sections of the MCAT. For this cycle, I was looking to apply just to Mac and Ottawa. Does anyone have any tips or advice on best materials to use for just writing the CARS section. I am conscious that I will likely have to re-write next year, so I want to make sure I have some materials for next write that best represents the exam. Any advice or guidance would be helpful
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