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  1. Right okay thats what i figured, just to clarify is it two most recent or two best years that is used to calculate the wGPA?
  2. Yeah it honestly sucks, i asked them about a non-photo services card which they said they would accept so ill probably send that in, now it all depends on how fast i get the actual card in my mailbox. Thank you for the advice, ill do just that and hopefully theyll be nice
  3. This is probably a dumb question but how does the 2 year weight gpa conversion for western work exactly? I graduated from UofT where each semester long course was 0.5 credits and on the UWO med admissions page it says for full time to be considered you need 5 "full or equivalent courses" between september and april. Does that mean like just having 5 semester long courses taken between Sep and April? How does this work for co-op students?
  4. So I contacted the admissions office regarding my BC service card which is one of the ones thats combined with my drivers license that is now expired. I cant go back home and get it renewed at services BC due to travel restrictions and even then it may take upwards of 4-6 weeks to actually get the card. Also UBC doesnt accept any other form of confirmation for MSP status which doesnt make sense to me especially in the given circumstances where not everyone can get their cards renewed/get them renewed on time. On top of this, they see MSP being expired if your drivers license is expired which a
  5. Yeah i just looked at the chart, what is even the point of it? They dont accept any humanities course so it cant be for a humanities requirement and they also dont take professional writing courses so im guessing its not to assess your english ability either? Regardless i dont think any of my courses would be able to satisfy it but ive seen that they need the prereq by april of the year youre applying (so by april 2021), how would it work if i did the ENGL211 and ENGL212 from Athabasca online? Would the grade i get in those courses affect my overall undergrad GPA for other applications? Also w
  6. So for the english requirement i have one semester of linguistics however there were no full year english courses at my university other than higher year ones which required prereqs, what other courses can i use to satisfy the other 3 credit equivalent for the requirement?
  7. @hopefullyme Yeah i sent them an email too but i guess they might not be checking emails much? Hopefully they do, it seems kinda weird to cut out a months worth of MCAT test takers especially since the AAMC will give grades back in 2 weeks instead of 4 now
  8. Hey guys! Super quick question, does anyone else know if UBC will be extending the MCAT grade deadline to accommodate Sep. 28th dates?
  9. Hey guys! Just wanted to know if i can get some feedback on what my chances are like applying to schools in canada 4 year completed B.Sc UofT: cGPA 3.51, OMSAS 3.47 i think? Resident of BC (family lives there and im from there) but im not exactly sure whether id be IP for ontario or BC Year 1 (3.05), year 2 (3.41), year 3 (3.73), year 4 (3.62) OMSAS ECs: super diverse i think, NGOs, board positions, tutoring, piano etc. Publications: 1x abstract published and conference in shanghai, primary author thesis in publication review currently, second paper as secondary author
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