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  1. Congratulations! darn...I wonder if UofT staggers offers like UBC. But I won't keep my hopes up. Might be an R for those who didn't receive anything today...:(
  2. interesting, didnt know that! i thought they'd release it after all the MD ones are complete since we are evaluated independently. fingers crossed for next week then!
  3. is there a reason why you speculate soon? the last round of interviews haven't even been completed yet for the MD program. to answer your q: i haven't heard anything yet.
  4. Time stamp: 9:52 AM PSTMCAT: good enoughEC: research heavy, many years of basic research adjusted GPA: 90+location: IN PROVINCE submission: normal NOT early, applied to MD/PHD (invited)
  5. Heard that american IDs take a pay cut. Whats it like here?
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