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  1. @dent445 thanks for sharing!! I agree and think it probably has to be April or maybe even early summer at this point... Did you already start studying with DAT Crusher or did you just find this info from their website etc?
  2. TIME STAMP: emailed at 11:34am Result: waitlisted for interview GPA: 3.53* (submitted EXTC so may have been adjusted to higher) CV: looots of different stuff, dental shadowing, head of many clubs, co-founded a non-profit, research experience, thesis, part-time jobs etc. Year: UG, graduated 2020 Feelings about Casper: Felt very good about it Applicant category: OOP
  3. Soooo I guess this February's DAT (Canadian) is no longer on Feb 16-18. Do you guys think it will still be in Feb/predictions on when it will be? Is anyone changing their study schedule? From CDA website this week: "As current models indicate that the second wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic will continue in the first months of 2021, the Canadian Dental Association has decided to reschedule the February administration of the DAT to a later, yet to be determined date."
  4. Unfortunately there are no Ontario schools still accepting applications for September 2021 start :/ McGill and Dalhousie are closed as well, I am not sure about others. Best of luck next year though!
  5. Hey @AbdulT, thanks for the response! Ugh....I am finding it so hard to get information these days too with no one answering the phones at any of the schools or CDA! I am glad they are staying home and safe but waiting weeks for an email reply has definitely been quite the adjustment for me this application cycle. I just emailed each of the schools about this to see what their update is on accepting/not accepting the DAT without MDT for Fall 2022. I’ll update in here when they reply and fingers crossed you hear back from CDA before our registration!
  6. Wondering if there was any update on this @AbdulT? I am in the exact same boat as you!
  7. Thought it might be good to start a thread on the changes that each Canadian dental school is implementing for the upcoming 2021 application cycle such as accepting/not accepting winter 2020 grades etc. Western (emailed): Not accepting Winter 2020 grades, accepting Fall 2019 indefinitely. Emailed and they explained it as basically if Fall 2019 meets their 'threshold' GPA and it is one of your 'best' 2 years then it will be counted. No longer need a 'B' in the prereq's, no longer need an in-lab component for Orgo Chem indefinitely. UofT (emailed): No upcoming admissions commit
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