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  1. trust me its not just you hahah! especially considering i didn't find out how this actually works until like two weeks ago lol UofT is my first choice but i just won't take the chance of rejecting my other offer in hopes of coming off UoftT's waitlist, because i have no idea how high i am or if they're even going to send many waitlist offers in the first place (people have been mentioning they may send more offers than they actually want to end up with, and maybe their class size is smaller this year too?) but in any case, happy for those who might eventually get an offer from UofT d
  2. true, there's at least 1 person in this thread that rejected uoft OT and honestly i'm sure a handful more
  3. this would make me so sad :((( that basically means we'd have to decline a current provisional offer elsewhere if we still wanted a chance at going to uoft? seems pretty unfair
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