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  1. For reasons @hvem mentioned above I think it's fair to exclude this semester's winter grades. HOWEVER I think they should've made the Fall 2019 term worth the whole year. That's fair in my opinion since the Winter 2019 grades should be reflective of an applicant's typical abilities. The current scheme of excluding Winter 2020 completely is NOT fair in my opinion since many people did full year, thesis courses etc., and making a whole year's work worth just 2 or 3 courses (like your case for example) is dumb. This way I think would even out the impact covid had while not kicking honour, thesis,
  2. Hi @DrOtter, yes I have already graduated, so this year would be a "special/unclassified year" instead of a fifth year. Thanks for letting me know about some schools not considering non degree years, I will look into that for sure. Just to clarify for schools that DO look at non degree years, these years would not be seen as "less legitimate" than degree years? Thanks so much
  3. Hey all, I'm a recent graduate (Ontario IP), and I am considering to do a special year to raise my GPAs. I'm wondering if this is something that adcoms would look down upon at all? For reference my cGPA is 3.8 and with a full year of 4.0's could be possible for me to get it up to 3.85 (optimistic haha). I would probably just seek work otherwise, but I am interested in this special year to increase my chances even by a little. In particular Queens with the 2YR GPA formula (I had a great final year/term (covid), not so great third year). It would also make my UofT wGPA to be the low 3.9s instead
  4. I am curious about my chances as well My stats are: Ontario IP. Applying to all Ontario schools GPA: 3.80. wGPAs: for UofT (new formula): 3.89, for Western: 3.85, for Queens: 3.81 (basically the same... lol). MCAT: 519 (128 CARS) Extracurriculars: Quite typical/cookie cutter... Clinical research assistant (no publications) (2 years part-time). Hospital volunteer (4 years, 2.5 years wayfinding plus 1 year visiting patients). Clubs executive (3 years, in different positions for 3 clubs. Including president). Orientation leader (3 summers). Wellness advisor at my school
  5. Really, I feel like this change only benefits those that already had 3.9+ GPA a la McMaster life sci students... I know some people who, despite having to work a ton on top of school, still took 5 FCEs every year in attempt to qualify for UofT's wGPA... We're all graduated now so there's no way to change... I can understand their justification, but for policies like this which have such a significant impact on students, I wish they'd announce it a few years ahead of implementation.
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