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  1. Hey! I just got my offer to nominate today !!
  2. Hi everyone! I just received my offer to nomination also! I plan on accepting. I hope you all get your answers soon.
  3. Does anyone who has applied to McGill QY OT have their application status as "submitted" still? I feel like last year it was in review by now.
  4. I'm not sure for PT but last year people started getting nominations end of april-beginning of may for OT. I had got put on the waitlist mid-june so it's kind of scattered! Hopefully we get our answers soon
  5. Hi guys! Just thought I’d make a forum to post updates on our applications for the QY OT Program at McGill! Has anyone’s application gone from submitted to in review yet?
  6. Yess I emailed them through profmasters2.spot@mcgill.ca! But nono I actually only applied to OT too! Fingers crossed and I hope we somehow both get in!!
  7. Hey no nothing yet! I did email them asking if i can know if I'm in the bottom or top half of the list and they said I'm in the top half so still keeping the faith haha
  8. Its only been 2 weeks since i got my waitlist email for OT qualifying year, maybe PT is just a little delayed! My application still says "In Review" so hopefully yours is an acceptance or a waitlist!
  9. Okay cool! I’m on the waitlist so was just wondering if there was going to be movement. Thanks for sharing good luck to you!
  10. Glad to hear! Really hoping the same thing! Do you have any idea if its possible for us to find out if were closer to the bottom or top of the waitlist? It's killing me hahah
  11. Perfect I will also! Good luck to you as well hopefully we don't have to wait all summer!
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