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  1. It seems like UofA is a lot cheaper than other schools then. Due to personal medical reasons though, I would ideally want to live in a warmer place like Vancouver. Unfortunately, I have not heard anything back from UBC yet
  2. I thought UBC is the cheapest, their tuition is around $20,000 I believe? And U of A is $25,000?
  3. Has anyone received rejections? Or does anyone know if some rejections have been sent already?
  4. Is anyone still waiting to hear back? I feel like chances of acceptance are very low at this point
  5. Honestly, all professional programs are pretty hard to get into, and it is definitely not easy to get into any pharmacy schools in Canada!
  6. BIG CONGRATS TO YOU!!! So glad that you achieved your goal and all your hard work paid off! I'm so happy for you and I'm sure posts like this will encourage and inspire future applicants to follow their heart and never give up on their dreams
  7. Hey, is anyone considering getting an iPad for note-taking and studying in pharmacy? I was thinking of buying one but not sure how useful it will be.
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