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  1. You are right. I didn't actually check the international rate at U of T. That being said, my point still stands that they only had to show the first year tuition and not the complete tuition amount. Most international students will show more because it increases their chances of approval, but for medicine, I think immigration canada has lower thresholds.
  2. No that isn't true. International students have to show proof of first year's tuition plus proof of living expenses. For her, she would have had to show approximately $35000-$40000 cash available to secure coming to Canada for medical school. There is a lot of privilege spewing from this thread.
  3. This doesn't bode well for getting a 99th percentile in CARS.
  4. I was wondering if anyone has received the welcome package from the College of Medicine yet. The acceptance email mentioned one would be sent in the middle of June. Worried that somehow my seat deposit wasn't received...
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