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  1. were the people who got the interview contacted via school email? and did you have to call in to book your time?(that's what I heard from previous years haha)
  2. i did not apply this cycle but what was the core gpa cut off for interview this year? i believe it was 3.7 last year
  3. If you are writing the Canadian dat, then Crusher is recommended since it represents the canadian dat better than the bootcamp. Personally I prepared with datcrusher and kaplan books.
  4. For example, (2 x average of the core courses) means the core courses GPA. So at university of manitoba, A+=4.5 A=4.0 B+=3.5 B=3.0 ,and so on. If you search umanitoba gpa calculator, you will be able to enter in your letter grades and it'll spit out your gpa in numbers so that way you'd be able to determine your gpa!
  5. If you have 2 years of pre-dental studies, you calculate: (2 x average of the CORE courses) + (1 x average on lowest year out of the two) + (3 x average on best year) divided by 6 will give you your agpa for 2 years of studies. If you have 3 or more years of pre-dental studies, you calculate: (2 x average of the CORE courses) + (0 x average on lowest year) + (3 x average on best year) + (1 x remaining full academic year) divided by 6 (or 7,8, etc) Core courses mean the 5 sciences umanitoba asks for (Bio,chem,phys,orgo,biochem) I hope this makes sense!!
  6. Hello, On the umanitoba dentistry bulletin, it says "In the past three years, the minimum core course averages for Manitoba applicants were: 3.60 (2019) 3.60 (2018) 3.60 (2017)" So does the gpa indicated above mean 3.6 was the average gpa of all the applicants? If not, could somebody please help me understand how they determined the cut-offs for each year? Thank you in advance!!
  7. Hello, I'm a second year science student at university of Manitoba and I have few of my core science courses to take in the future with some electives. To those of you who have applied to university of Manitoba dentistry, what electives did you take? (In need of GPA boosters XD) Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi, Im a student at university of manitoba. I personally think it all depends on what you want to proceed into or study in uni. For myself, I will be applying to uofm dental school so I decided to study at uofm and it's been okay so far in my experience!!
  9. Im applying to dentistry at uofm in the future and how does the waitlist system work? I have no information about that and I am just curious!
  10. Hey, Congratulations!! Can i ask you about your stats, like your DAT, core gpa, and agpa??
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