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  1. Thank you for the overwhelming amount of emails I've received since I originally put this up in August in wanting to work with me on your admission application. I'm sorry if I wasn't able to take you on as a student at the time of your initial request. I have some limited availability now that's opened up as of more recent, and if you're still interested, feel free to shoot me an email, and we'll connect to see if we can work together! Thanks again and best of luck with your admission for the 2021 year! - Choi
  2. Hi Everyone, I hope that everyone's staying well during these unprecedented times! Since I originally posted in the University Of Alberta 2020 Pharmacy Applicants - Class Of 2024 page, I've been getting an overwhelming amount of students reaching out to me who feel extremely overwhelmed by the application process, and how to get into pharmacy school. I completely understand how daunting it can be - especially with components of the application such as the interview and the letter of intent, which you may have not had experience with before. Common questions that have come up include thi
  3. You'll need to just register just the one time when you're a student. Once you become licensed as a pharmacist, you'll need to renew your license annually, and will need to possess active CPR and First Aid and malpractice insurance and will need to complete continuing education credits before you're able to do so.
  4. This would be a great idea. I will mention though one of my students had informed me that the Faculty was willing to cover the cost of his accommodation when he had originally signed up for a placement in Red Deer. The placement ended up being cancelled, in light of what I mentioned in my last post (COVID), but I thought this was extremely unique as this had never been the case when I was in school just a few years ago. Nonetheless, as accommodation is a large part of your living expense when living in a rural area, every bit counts!
  5. The list changes from year to year. Preceptors (i.e. pharmacists that are willing to take on students) can sign up to the Faculty to express their interest to take on a student for their practice site. In terms of your question as to whether you can enroll into a site of your choice if you can find a preceptor that will take you on: I can’t comment if this will be the case by the time you are doing your practicum, but this year, because many hospitals had to cancel their plans to take on a student last minute in light of COVID, the Faculty could not relocate students quick enough giv
  6. Some of the rural locations include areas such as Camrose where some people had considered making the hour drive out and back every day because it was more cost effective than renting a place. As others have mentioned though, it’s based on a lottery system where you aren’t necessarily guaranteed to get your top pick. In fact, some people don’t even get their top 15 pick in certain circumstances. With all that being said, areas such as Stony Plain, St.Albert, Ft. Saskatchewan and Sherwood Park do not count towards a rural placement.
  7. Hey Pharmahopeful20, For the past several years, I've hired several first year students at my pharmacy and have hired pharmacy applicants who I've coached into getting into the pharmacy program, and they've never had any issues working even up to 10-12 hours per week in their first year of pharmacy/PharmD.
  8. Hey ProspectPharmD, As far as I know, this is definitely a valid question for the faculty and this is information they had previously disclosed in past years if you just phoned and asked.
  9. Hello Prospective Pharmacy Student! Imagine putting in every ounce of energy you have into your pharmacy school application only to wake up to an email containing a rejection letter - it can be incredibly discouraging. What's more is that there is such limited information available to guide you through your application process, and to advise you what's most important in your application. Is it your prerequisite GPA? Your cumulative GPA? Is it your work experience? Your interview or letter of intent? I can tell you by far the biggest mistake that applicants make is focusing
  10. I personally bought a Macbook for pharmacy school as it allowed for greater versatility. Owning both devices now, I would say to consider: What online/virtual platform(s) your classes may be delivered on this year (due to COVID-19), and what the compatibility is across the iPad Websites you may need to access that have embedded videos where the iPad has difficulties loading it Where you plan on doing most of your studying in the long-term (e.g. on campus, or at home where you may also have a desktop / laptop) My two cents - iPads are great for their lightweight nature, a
  11. Hi Everyone, I hope that everyone's staying well during these unprecedented times! I understand that the end of June and the start of July can be an extremely exciting, yet nerve-wracking and stressful time for applicants as it certainly had been for me when I was applying to the UofA Pharmacy program just some years ago! Over the past few years, I've had a string of success in helping several different individuals in getting into the program at the UofA, including several of my own staff that I hired as pharmacy assistants before they were admitted. Looking back, I really wish I had
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