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  1. Hi all: I have just declined my offer as well. Hoping this makes someone's day very soon! Good luck everyone!
  2. Hi everyone I am very lucky to have received a couple different offers yesterday and am heavily leaning towards Queen's. Some of my concerns before I make a final decision are the following: 1. What is the availability like for research opportunities? I know this is an important part of residency admissions and am worried I won't be able to do things in specific fields/receive any authorships. Can any past/current students comment on this and the type of research Queen's conducts? 2. I'm struggling to find a more modern affordable apartment in Kingston. I absolutely LOVE the old arc
  3. Result: Accepted Timestamp: 8:46am EST 4YRS GPA/2YRS GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 521 MMI and Panel Interview Thoughts: Felt confident about MMI, I was iffy about panel but the interviewers were definitely smiley! Panel Date: Saturday March 27 ECs: Research, on campus and off campus volunteering and some athletics! Year: Graduating from my fourth year now! Geography: IP This is a dream come true. I will likely be accepting this offer... so excited!!!!
  4. I wanted to post this to reassure future interviewees to not worry about their post-interview feeling: Time Stamp: 12:00 a.m. Result: Accepted GPA: 3.99 Stream: English Year: 4th Interview Thoughts: I legitimately cried after my interview and thought it was my absolute worst one. I told my parents to not ask me about it again and did not have a single hope to get in. I was absolutely shocked when I saw an offer. Reflecting back I still firmly believe that I had much less than a perfect interview and I guess this goes to show that you are you're own worst critic. T
  5. Did anyone not get a confirmation email from vid cruiter?
  6. YES lol I think... this made me laugh, these were my thoughts too. Love the stress of this
  7. Did anyone not get a summary of their response after they accepted in the qualtrics survey? Mine just said my response has been recorded?
  8. YES. Mine was too... maybe it just looks like that on our end? My camera quality is always fine so I was freaking out. I'm glad someone else is in the same boat!
  9. Invite/Rejection: InviteTime Stamp: 2:42 pm ESTLocation: IPStream: EnglishcGPA: 3.99Current year: 4th year undergradECs: a lot of research & on-campus and off volunteering!
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