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  1. I didn't get any interviews this cycle but I always love browsing this thread and seeing so many people excited...here's to hoping I can join in on the fun next year!
  2. I'm in the same boat, this was my last R as well. Keep your head high
  3. Definitely working on my typing speed to help me out on casper for Mac (in hindsight it may have gotten me screened out at the UofA & Queen's as well)....any suggestions on how many people I should get to take a look? I know everyone may have their own slight biases so I don't wanna have too many people changing things back and forth but a few eyes are definitely needed to pick out poor aspects of my descriptions
  4. That's fair! ECs & casper definitely were the problem....my typing speed for casper was only around 50 wpm when I wrote it but I've been working on my speed and got it up to 70 wpm so far so hopefully that makes a difference (I very rarely was able to answer the third question on my test bc too slow) Any idea if there's sort of an optimal way to phrase descriptions (particularly OMSAS with the short character limit)? I recently got a med student to read over my descriptions that I submitted and they said the activities are fine but the descriptions were pretty bad i.e. they sounded li
  5. I think my GPA is ok (especially combined with my MCAT score) so I’m leaning towards a 1 year MPH next year to have a serviceable backup plan as well + a practicum experience I do think my ECs are good but unfortunately I only spent maybe a few days actually writing the applications this year without having a second pair of eyes reading over my descriptions/essays so maybe that was an issue as well, I also didn’t have any research whatsoever when i applied in October but I have been doing research this year and I will most likely even have a pub by the time the next cycle opens
  6. Mac, UWO, Queen’s, Dal, UBC, UofA, UofC, & UofT (haven’t heard from UofT yet but it’s probably an R if every other school said the same)
  7. So I didn't receive a single invite this year, here are my stats: 3.76 cGPA (IP Ontario), MCAT 518 (131 CARS), and a wGPA of anywhere from 3.85 - 3.92 I thought my grades and ECs were solid so I'm feeling super dejected about not even getting a single invite to look forward to while I'm watching many of my friends doing interview prep My current plan for next year is pursuing a one year Master's (MPH) while I reapply - do you think this is a better idea than going back and doing a 5th year of undergrad? I'm in my gap year this year This is of course wh
  8. These are getting exhausting (and kind of embarrassing) to do but if it helps a future applicant then I'm all for it Time Stamp: 4:35 EST Invite/reject: Regrets IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): N (Applied through ACCESS) 2YGPA: 3.88 MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PSYCH): 128/131/129/130 Essays (X/8): 8/8 + About You
  9. Timestamp: 2:51pm Program: MD Result: Rejection OMSAS GPA: 3.76 CARS: 131 IP/OOP: IP Think I need to take some time off these forums for my mental well-being, good luck with interviews to everyone who got one
  10. Hmmm in that case looks like I'll see you folks again tomorrow morning
  11. Thank you for the kind words, all the best to you as well!
  12. Ughhhhh hope they come out tomorrow the wait is killing me
  13. They came out on a Thursday in 2019! But otherwise ya I think it's been Wednesday for the most part so who knows...I just hope it's sooner rather than later
  14. Anyone think they may possibly be out this coming week? They went out on the 8th last year but interviews weren’t until March 27th onwards This year interviews are much earlier (March 6/7/13) so looks like they’re moving ahead of schedule on things
  15. They send that email every year (including last year) and it always says late Jan but the past 3 years they've been out sometime from Jan 8-10 so it's very much possible they'll be out sooner than you think!
  16. I would assume they're almost done and just forgot to update the blog or something! I'd be a little concerned for them if they haven't started yet haha
  17. Looks like the Application Status is back if anyone wants to check Damn lmfao 0-25th percentile I thought my ECs were solid I guess the reviewer hated them
  18. For anyone asking about the application status tab it’s because UBC messed up people’s sliders and gave everyone an NAQ of 75-100 so they took it down to fix everything With that being said, I’m guessing it should be up today? Since they said everything will be done by the 24th and I’m guessing the office is closed tomorrow
  19. Exactly, I wouldn't stress over your NAQ score until you see the actual thing next week because they really messed everything up. Even then, I agree with the above comment where there's some randomness to the process and different schools look for different things so if your NAQ is lower than you thought , don't take it personally. And you as well! It's a shame UBC gives no love to the MCAT pre-interview but hopefully OMSAS is good to us next month!
  20. For what it's worth, I don't think the sliders are accurate! There were people with the slider bar over the respective cutoff that got an R, people with 90+ averages with a TFR of only like 15, and I myself (OOP with 87 average) had a TFR of 24 I think (which is what my AQ score should roughly be) so def wait until they post final data...they took the whole tab down for a reason (presumably because it was messed up all over the place)
  21. Does anybody know if the slider was also messed up or was it just the NAQ range? I feel like my total score was too low so I'm hoping they didn't think my ECs were THAT bad (not that it matters; but it would be concerning for other schools)
  22. Is there some sort of error with the NAQ reporting? I don't see how EVERYONE who got regrets is 75-100th percentile, not to mention my result bar looks to be way below the IP cutoff (even tho my GPA was around the IP average) so idk what's going on
  23. Finally got onto OAS and it says Regrets (OOP) aGPA = 87.02% NAQ = 75-100th percentile
  24. No email yet (OOP) and can't get the relevant part of OAS to open ahhhh the suspense is killing me
  25. At this point if they're going to give me an R just give it to me so I can see what my NAQ range is LOL
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