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  1. Damn that 92.26% average for invited OOP applicants....me sitting here with a solid 87% :/
  2. Hopefully we get some news tomorrow. The notification of them doing maintenance in the early morning makes me think they might be getting OAS primed to send out notifications tomorrow
  3. Saw the word "MD" in my email notifications and had a mini heart attack but it was just from UofT lol
  4. Yeah I don't think they would pull a Dalhousie and change the admission criteria mid-cycle
  5. I'm not expecting too much since my average is on the lower side for OOP (~87) but I'm mostly curious to see what quartile they think my ECs are in...might give me a better rough idea of how I stand for other schools
  6. Never thought I'd see a Future reference on here...anyway here we go (again if you've applied to Dal/MUN)!
  7. UBC doesn't look at MCAT pre-interview past a cutoff so GPA + ECs determine if you get an interview...but MCAT is looked at post-interview so if you get an interview then you'll have an easier time getting an offer
  8. I've already graduated and am taking a gap year so they have my final transcript and aren't expecting anything else...I think they're just manually doing calculations one by one as they sift through applications
  9. My CASPer is marked as received now....still no GPA posted tho
  10. Anyone else whose GPA isn't up on Launchpad yet?
  11. Feel like my ECs are a strong point of my application, plus my last two years were by far my best & I qualified for ACCESS as well But I also did exceptionally well in CARS which is why Mac is my other best shot haha
  12. I'd be lying if I said that isn't the thought in the back of my mind but that's comforting to hear! Western is probably my best shot aside from Mac so I'm really crossing my fingers to get an interview there
  13. My GPA isn't up yet but my CASPer is still "awaiting" and says (Doctor CSP-10201)
  14. I'm thinking it's likely random then and/or they're contacting verifiers on a rolling basis
  15. Apparently some people have had verifiers contacted by Western today. Anyone not have any that they know of contacted? I met their GPA cutoffs and 99% sure I would meet MCAT cutoffs
  16. The most recent post on their admissions blog from Oct. 3 said that they'll update us on how many applications they're sending out for full review but they haven't posted anything since
  17. Yup, my CASPer ID for OMSAS is also just those last 6 digits after 2021 in 2021-XXXXXX and mine says results delivered
  18. Does anyone know if we have to include our legal middle name on OMSAS? I have one, but I don't usually use it unless it's explicitly asked for (even my diploma doesn't have it)
  19. Anyone have any luck asking about this? That OOP ship at Dal has sailed but I'd like to know if I should be considered about my IP Mac application LOL
  20. If you click the help button on the document tracking tab it says "Beginning in November, you will have access to your OMSAS GPA calculations" so they should pop up there sometime next week
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