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  1. If that were the case, in that it was significant enough to impact the assessment of ECs for this year's applicant pool, they would have made some sort of official statement regarding it. Given that most Canadian med schools have not, however, I would assume it might be best to think that ECs will be judged the same as before. In fact, with UBC, they specifically mentioned in their 2020-21 Application Help Guide that they understand COVID-19 has made EC contributions difficult this year, but given that everyone is affected by this, they think it is still considered to be fair to all appli
  2. From my quick read of their blog post today, it still seemed like the normal AGPA calculation to previous years? They will only drop credits of your worst GPA year, according to your total credit taken and assuming you have 90+ credits. EDIT: The wording on the blog post was a bit confusing, but thankfully someone from **DELETED** emailed them asking for clarification, and this was apparently UBC's response: Seems like they made it even harder now to qualify for the full benefits of AGPA calculation. Also, grades from full year courses this past year will not
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