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  1. As title suggests. I'm aware that UofT puts a lot of emphasis on referees so I really wanna get this right. I have a really strong relation w/ my highschool teacher. She knows me on a personal level so it wouldn't be an academic reference (I already have a prof for that). Has anyone used a highschool teacher as a referee and gotten accepted? My other option would be a PhD student whom I work under at my lab I have a 3.96 cGPA and pretty good EC's just for reference
  2. I think it's clear that pre-interview it's a cutoff right? but what about post-interview? there doesn't seem to be a formula that explicitly says that the MCAT isn't used competitively or as a tie breaker to decide on acceptances. By the way,I'm not trying to stir up any arguments. Just wondering if it's worth it applying with my 125/124/125/125 or not.
  3. Problem is, if they put so much emphasis on GPA like this, isn't it entirely possible that the entire class is composed of students with like 4.0s? Or am I missing something here?
  4. So who is this gonna exactly benefit? People whose cGPA is already like a 3.95+? I've heard their old entrance average was around a 3.94 already smh
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