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  1. Man looking at that chart posted above, crazy that in some years the first batch of interviewees had 44 days to prepare, and in some they had 16.
  2. I really thought it would be today...now I truly have no idea. It's hard to do meaningful interview prep when you don't know if you even have an interview so let's hope we get decisions from all schools sooner rather than later.
  3. So 2nd Wednesday of the month...it's certainly possible it's today. What time do they typically come out?
  4. Do we know if it's used as a cut-off, or if it's worth a certain percentage? I know it's not stated anywhere explicitly but there's always some high quality speculation on these boards lol
  5. IP/OOP: OOP Decision: Regrets MCAT: 519 aGPA: 4.4 Coefficients: None
  6. OOP 519 MCAT 4.4 GPA No coefficients I think i wasted my money applying lol but oh well
  7. Last year I think they come out on January 8th, and each prior year a little later. Rather find out sooner than later though.
  8. Anyone else had no verifiers contacted? I'm certain I meet the academic cut-offs but many people I know have had their verifiers contacted already.
  9. I don't see why they wouldn't provide this information. I know last year, in their rejection to IP applicants, they told them that their rejection was due to the CASPer. Maybe they would tell you if you asked, who knows.
  10. So 0.75 SD threshold was applied to all applicant pools... Ugh, as an OOP applicant I really hope my rejection was not due to this...
  11. Sorry to bump this but I wonder if this is correct? I believe their phrasing "offered acceptance" includes people that were offered acceptance off of the wait list. For those curious, the 2019 Dean's Report showed that 102 SWOMEN were interviewed, and 62 were offered acceptance (and 62 accepted), giving odds around ~ 60%. In prior years it was closer to 65%.
  12. They specifically said in the e-mail that Snapshot did not play a role in invites, so it's not that.
  13. Wow that's a hell of a Maritimes connection. Seeing as a 250 word essay is basically the only factor that determines if you get an interview if OOP, I can't believe that this isn't enough (and ditto to some of the others I've seen on this page).
  14. So has anyone figured out how the guaranteed interviews are affecting the total # of interview spots?
  15. Dalhousie said they didn't use CASPer Snapshot in determining interview invites, and they made CASPer Snapshot mandatory. Make of that what you will
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