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  1. Hello! Applications to join the Doceo team for Fall 2020 are now open! Doceo is an initiative founded by medical students that offers free virtual one-on-one tutoring to students from marginalized communities and those facing systemic barriers or other learning challenges. The pandemic has triggered the largest global recession in history causing significant financial stress on many students and their families. It has also introduced additional barriers to learning due to the cancellation of schools, tutoring programs, and other related activities. We hope that our free tutoring progra
  2. Hey! We are a group of MD, JD, and grad students offering virtual free tutoring to help students and families cope during the pandemic. Please visit our site and fill out our form at www.learnwithdoceo.com and we can work on matching you with a tutor for the MCAT!
  3. Hi! Doceo is comprised of a group of MD, JD, and graduate students offering free virtual tutoring sessions for elementary to undergrad-level courses and the MCAT/LSAT to help students and families cope with the cancellation of classes and the financial strain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that the global pandemic has created significant barriers to learning for students and we are dedicated to helping students get back on track, stay intellectually motivated during the pandemic, and reach their academic and career goals. For more information, please visit our website
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