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  1. Following up on this, if your PI writes you a research LOR but you change your mind afterwards, can you choose whether to submit it (similar to clinical LORs)?
  2. Do programs actually accept letters from research PIs? I thought they only accepted letters from attendings who supervised you clinically in 3rd/4th year
  3. At this stage, are examples expected to come from clinical experiences in M3/4 or does it work the same way as it did for med school interviews (where most examples came from extracurriculars, etc.)?
  4. Wow is the interview really that important? I thought programs already had an idea of who they liked and the interview ends up being a formality to confirm that. I'm also surprised reference letters are lower on the list.
  5. Is working with the PD during an elective a thing in larger specialties too? Thinking of something like IM where it's quite broad
  6. Who do applicants usually get their recommendation letters from? Can research supervisors provide recommendation letters for Carms if they are MD's?
  7. Can some residents chime in about their experiences if they felt their volunteering helped them? I have taken on a few roles that interest me but I feel like i should be doing more. I am seeing med students getting involved in a LOT of initiatives during this time and wanted to ask how important volunteering is for Carms? At the same time, I fear that taking on too much will hinder my studying during the school year. If I want to match to a popular program/first choice program (medium specialty competitiveness) , how important would volunteering be for my application?
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