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  1. Thank you both for the input! I'm IP and I found some places that look decent but I just wasn't sure if it was unusual to commit to an apartment before even having official enrolment confirmation (although I have paid the deposit). If you know of good places though I would love to hear incase I missed any!
  2. For those who were accepted, I was wondering when everyone is planning to start searching for an apartment and making the move to Halifax?? I don't want to be too early but don't want to miss out on good apartments either...
  3. I wonder if these numbers reflect how many applicants they get from each province? Like NS must have the most applicants I'm guessing? I'm curious what the breakdown of the 384 interview spots is per applicant category, but I don't think there is any information about that
  4. Does anyone know the specific seat breakdown for each of the maritime provinces?
  5. Has anyone emailed admissions to see if they have any information about when in March (early, mid, late) we might expect to hear?
  6. My bet is on tomorrow based on years past being on Thursday or Friday :/
  7. I’m guessing they’re going to be interviewing more IP this year b/c they lowered the MCAT cut off by a lot, so I doubt they would also interview more OOP, as human resources are probably limited to some extent (they can only interview so many people in total). However who knows with it being online...might depend if they actually make the online interview MMI format or if it’s just a one way interview like how other schools did interviews when Covid made us go online! I think it’s hard to say given all these factors!
  8. What exactly do you mean that CASPer rejections have bene sent? Does that mean if you didn't meet dal's cut off, they already informed you that you won't be eligible to proceed in the application process? And if you didn't get an email does that mean you've met the CASPer cut off for dal?
  9. I didn't know that, thank you! Do you know if the 500 characters includes spaces?
  10. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has any insight on what length (approximately) we should keep the descriptions for our supplemental information section? I wasn't sure how much detail to include or how brief we should be. Thank you!
  11. If we were scheduled to present at a conference that was cancelled due to covid could we still include it?
  12. Hi guys, I'm a bit confused about inputting my grades...I just finished my undergrad degree this Spring and want to use the past two consecutive years to calculate my GPA (Year 3 - Fall 2018/Winter 2019 and Year 4 - Fall 2019/Winter 2020). After selecting this option and answering that Winter 2020 grades will be used in this calculation/that I had alphanumerical grades for Winter 2020, I see that the options of study are listed as "1st successive 30 credit hours" then 2nd and 3rd...From the description I'm gathering that 30 credit hours is one full year of study; I want to use the option
  13. Hey guys! This feels so dumb to ask but how do we access part 2 of the application? I also emailed last week asking when I would receive my Banner ID and they said I would get it when part 2 opens, but haven't heard from them this morning and don't even know how to open part 2. Does anyone know if we will get an email or something?
  14. Hi guys, I've completed part 1 of the application for Dal and it's been processed now. On my application summary it says following Application Status: Incomplete items outstanding - does anyone else have this showing? Im wondering if it's just because part 2 isn't complete yet? I have already paid the application fee and ordered a transcript from my undergrad university. Also, I'm trying to register for CASPer but haven't received by Banner ID yet. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the Banner ID after completing part 1?
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